Tuesday, April 20, 2010

NEW Product: 2 Love My Lips Lip Gloss

Brand: 2 Love My Lips
Name: Lip Gloss
Size: n/a
Price: £9.99

Here's a very interesting mix, but one that's guaranteed to make sense once you think about it.

2 Love My Lips lip glosses offer a unique combination of beauty and safety. Each lip gloss is a sassy, tingly two-in-one lip plumping / breath freshening gloss, cleverly packaged to include a drink spike detector kit.

Shades available:
- Beautiful Pink
- Charismatic Cherry
- Sophisticated Coffee
- Passionate Pink
- Posh Gloss

Learn more about this unique and useful product by checking out their site (you can also order the lip glosses on this site as well). Plus, keep up to date with what's new on their blog.

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