Monday, January 21, 2013

Product Review: Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Kiehl’s
Name: Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Size: 30 ml
Price: $48 CAD

What it says on the packaging:

"The lightweight, readily-absorbed elixir effectively restores skin’s healthy appearance overnight, resulting in smoother, more radiant complexion by morning. Enriched with Squalane, a botanical lipid similar in molecular structure to natural skin lips, Evening Primrose Oil, rich in Omega-6 Fatty Acids and Essential Oils including Lavender, our formula provides a boost of essential moisture to depleted skin. These naturally derived oils instantly penetrate the skin surface to help replenish it. Our recovery concentrate works at night when skin is most receptive to repairing itself from daily aggressors. With skin hydrated, supple and soft, rest assured you can say goodnight to tired-looking skin."

To Purr About:
- improves the look of my skin
- is lightweight
- absorbs quickly in to skin
- decreased the appearance of wrinkles
- skin was soft and hydrated the next morning
- did not irritate my super sensitive skin
- drop dispenser makes it easy and mess-free to dispense the perfect amount of product

Claws Out:
- bottle is glass and isn’t that convenient for travelling

Final Comments:

I've been slowly trying more and more Kiehl's products lately and on a recent trip I had a coupon for some free samples. After a quick consultation with the salesgirl she chose three samples for me and one was the Midnight Recover Concentrate. I was pretty excited to try this product.

I really love the pretty blue glass bottle the Midnight Recovery Concentrate comes in and the awesome drop dispenser which makes it easy and mess free to dispense the exact amount of product I need so none goes to waste. The only downside to the glass bottle for me is I'm always afraid to break it especially when I'm travelling.

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is very light and smoothes easily on to the skin. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t feel oily. I actually find I don't even need moisturizer at night after I apply it. After using the product for about a week I was impressed by the results. I applied the product in the evenings as directed and every morning when I woke up my skin was soft and still hydrated. It decreased the appearance of wrinkles and seemed to improve the texture and appearance of my skin.

Although this product is a tad pricey, a little does go a long way so I think it’s well worth it.

In the end, after using up the sample size I quickly went and bought a bottle and it's now part of my daily routine.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Suziesaurus

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Product Review: Korres Body Butter

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: Korres
Name: Body Butter
Size: 235 ml / 7.95 fl. oz.
Price: $33 CAD

Scent/Shade Tried: Fig

What it says in the press release:

"Smoothing and moisturizing cream for all over the body, ideal for dry elbows, heels and knees. Fig extract, rich in minerals and vitamins, revitalizes the appearance of skin, while toning and rejuvenating the skin. Shea butter and Quince extract have softening, moisturizing, and rejuvenating properties. Sunflower, Almond and Avocado oils nourish the skin, thus improving its elasticity and smoothness. Dermatologically tested"

To Purr About:
- lovely, subtle fig scent
- rich, thick body lotion moisturizes skin quickly
- absorbs at a decent rate
- not greasy or oily

Claws Out:

- scent is a little strong at first application
- a little expensive

Final Comments:

As many of my regular readers know, I'm extremely picky when it comes to lotions and creams. I require something that moisturizes very well (my skin tends to get very dry, especially during the cold weather) but also something that absorbs into my skin super quickly as I hate feeling greasy, oily or sticky.

At first, I wasn't sure if I'd be a fan of this Korres Body Butter. Body Butters, in general, and I don't get along since most of them, while being super moisturizing, are also super greasy and take forever to absorb. Plus, at first application, the fig scent of this lotion was pretty strong. Don't get me wrong, I love figs, but I also prefer unscented lotions.

After a few minutes though, I was totally won over. This butter actually absorbs quite nicely (slower than my favourite lotions, but much faster than almost every body butter I've tried) and the scent also fades to something much more subtle.

Afterwards, I was left with skin that was nicely moisturized, with just a hint of the light fig scent, which was nice.

The only thing that won't make this my everyday lotion is the price. At $33, it's a little pricier than my daily lotion, but it's definitely something that would be a treat for when my skin is extra dry, plus those trouble areas, like elbows, knees, etc.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten

Monday, January 14, 2013

Product News: Sephora + Pantone Universe 2013 Color of the Year Pantone 17-5641 Emerald Capsule Collection

Brand: Sephora
Name: Sephora + Pantone Universe 2013 Color of the Year Pantone 17-5641 Emerald Capsule Collection

Where to buy: Sephora stores and beginning March 2013, for a limited time

What it says in the release:
"Sephora and Pantone proudly announce the 2013 Color of the Year beauty collection featuring PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald. Inspired by the many facets of a gemstone, this collection features Sephora Collection’s high performance formulas in modern packaging, designed by Sephora and inspired by the iconic Pantone Chip. Each eye shadow, blush, eye liner, lip gloss, mascara and nail polish offers unique finishes like matte, metallic and lacquer to capture the sparkle and play off light unique to an Emerald, the perfect green – blue hue."

The 2013 Color of the Year Emerald Collection, $68 USD
A comprehensive collection of Emerald beauty:
- 1 Color Grid Eye Shadow Block in BIONIC
- 1 Color Code Prismatic Shadow
- 1 Color Cube Lid Liner Stain
- 1 Lightspeed Glitter Dust
- 1 Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Eyeliner
- 1 Color Watt Highlighting Mascara

Colorbyte Lip Wands, $24 USD
This lip gloss set offers 4 shades, textures and finishes, leaving lips with a smooth and comfortable shine. Colours include:
- Touch of Emerald: clear with Emerald sparkle
- Crocus: lacquer lilac
- Georgia Peach: lacquer peach
- Cameo Brown: lacquer nude

Color Grid Shadow Bloc, $26 USD
Features 3 colour-coordinating eye shadows.
- Bionic: includes Emerald, White Alyssum and Crown
- Eclipsed: includes Emerald Glitter, Amberlight and Olivine
- Elemental: includes Emerald Shimmer, Appleblossom and Camel

Color Code Prismatic Shadow, $22 USD
A water-resistant high pigment cream formula for the eyes that goes on easily and lasts all day.

Color Cube Lid Liner Stain, $16 USD
A 3-in-1 mousse cream that can be used as a shadow, cream liner or lid stain.

Lightspeed Glitter Dust, $14 USD
A pot of Emerald loose glitter.

Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Liner, $17 USD
Features a proprietary long-wearing easy glide formula, with a luminous shimmer finish.

Graphic Lift Liquid Liner, $17 USD
Features a flocked tip applicator and long-lasting formula in metallic shimmer finish.

Graphic Etch Waterproof Eyeliner, $17 USD
This retractable pencil features a waterproof easy-glide formula in a soft Emerald pigment finish.

Glitter Strobe Eyeliner Set, $18 USD
This 4 piece Emerald eyeliner set features finishes in glitter, iridescent, metallic and matte.

Color Watt Highlighting Mascara, $18 USD
A richly pigmented mascara in Emerald in a matte finish.

Color Theory Sculpting Blush, $24 USD
The perfect blush duo to compliment any Emerald colour accents featuring Dusty Pink and Pink Mist.

Color Charged Graphic Lacquer, $10 USD
The richest pigment of Emerald in a high gloss lacquer finish.

Mini Graphic Effect Lacquers, $18 USD
A collection of 3 mini polishes featuring finishes in Emerald (clear with Emerald glitter), shimmer (Emerald and silver) and matte metallic.

Color of the Year Accessories
- Color Contour Face Brush Set, $68 USD: 8-piece brush set with stand that includes Highlighting Fan Brush, Face Contour Brush, Angled Liner Brush, Short Smudge Brush, Cream Shadow Brush, All Over Shadow Brush, Crease Shadow Brush and Smudge Brush (all synthetic)
- Spectra Blend Eye Brush Roll, $20 USD: 3-piece mini travel brush in a magnetic pouch that features an Angled Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Shadow Blending Brush (all synthetic)
- Color Block Beauty Box, $38 USD: a hard cosmetic case featuring a removable travel box and organizing compartments
- Prismatic Glitter False Lashes, $10 USD: black false lashes featuring a strip of emerald glitter
- Color Sculpting Kabuki Brush, $22 USD: a travel-size kabuki brush (synthetic)
- Emerald Compact Mirror, $18 USD: a travel mirror for touchups, 2 sided featuring 3x magnification

image: press release

Friday, January 11, 2013

Product Review: Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Schick
Name: Hydro Silk
Size: 1 razor, 2 cartridges, 1 shower hanger
Price: approximately $18 CAD

What it says on the website:

"Schick Hydro Silk™ hydrates skin like no other razor can. This uniquely designed razor goes beyond an incredibly close shave to actually care for your skin. With Water-Activated Moisturizing Serum & 5 Curve-Sensing blades with skin guards to help protect skin from irritation, the Hydro Silk™ razor leaves skin feeling silky smooth! And it’s preferred over the leading 5 blade razor."

To Purr About:

- gives a nice clean shave
- handle is easy to grip
- comes with a suction-based razor holder
- hypo-allergenic
- water-activated moisturizing serum is convenient and leaves legs feeling moisturized
- didn’t leave legs dry or knicked

Claws Out:
- none really

Final Comments:

Warmer weather always bring upon a new routine, whether it be a lighter moisturizer, more sun-screen protection or more regular hair removal. I figured with our warmer weather quickly approaching it was a perfect time to check out Shick’s Hydro Silk razor.

I used Schick’s Hydro Silk razor without any extra shave gel/cream – although I’m not sure if that’s the right way to use it. Nonetheless, the razor left my legs feeling smooth, moisturized and not irritated. This product is great for travelling and those weekend getaways as I can easily tuck the handle and a razor blade package in to my bag and don’t have to worry about an extra can of shave gel/cream.

I also really enjoy the no fuss handle which makes it easy to grip and maneuver. The razor heads are also very slim in profile which means they take up less space in your toiletries bag.

Lastly, I enjoyed the handy and simple suction based shower hook that came with the razor. Unfortunately the suction cup doesn’t work with the type of shower tile I have, but it does work great on glass shower doors.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten


Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Happy 2013!

A fresh start...

That's what a new year brings.

After a long, unexpected hiatus from this blog, I'm going to take the next few days to bring it back online and will work hard on making it a great resource for beauty product lovers again!

I've missed sharing beauty product reviews with you all and I hope that you will join me again as we look for the best that the (budget-conscious) beauty world has to offer.

See you soon!
Cinnamon Kitten

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Slow summer...

Hi everyone!

As you may have noticed, I haven't posted here on Cinnamon Kitten in over a month (eep!) There's no one main reason why I haven't been posting, just lots of little ones, but I'm going to try to post at least one new review a week until I can get my personal schedule back on track and then focus on posting more often.  :)

In the meantime, I have a backlog of product reviews and new products to write about, so watch for a slew of new posts in the next few weeks while I work through everything that's been piling up while I've been busy!

Hope all your summers are going beautifully!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Product Review: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Clean & Clear
Name: Morning Burst Body Wash
Size: 473 ml
Price: $6.99 CAD

Scent Tried: Boost Mango and Papaya

What it says on the website:

"Get Clean! Get energized! Get Going! New Clean & Clear Morning Burst body wash is designed to help stimulate your senses and energize you all over. Mprning Burst is the only body wash infused with Bursting Beads that are suspended with exotic fruit extracts. Feel the boost of mango & papaya fill your shower as the bubbly formula leaves your skin clean and refreshed.

Skin TypeOily, Normal, Combination”

To Purr About:

- pleasant papaya scent that isn’t too strong
- doesn’t dry out skin
- lathers up well
- a little product goes a long way
- leaves skin feeling clean

Claws Out:
- isn't super moisturizing

Final Comments:

I’ve been using Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst Body Wash in Boost Mango & Papaya scent for the last few weeks and I’m quite impressed.

The first thing I noticed when I squeezed out some product on to my loofah was the nice pleasant papaya scent. It’s not too strong which is nice, but the scent also doesn’t last very long. The body is clear with a hint of yellow tint and has tiny beads suspended throughout – not sure what the beads do.

The product lathers up quite well and a little product goes a long way which is nice as the large bottle lasts a quite a long time. It leaves my skin feeling clean and clear and refreshed.

Overall this product is pretty good. The only con is that this product isn’t super moisturizing. I think it’s great for the summer months, but I’m not sure if my skin would be able to withstand the extremely dry winter months.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten

Friday, May 25, 2012

Product Review: it’s a 10 miracle leave-in product

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: it’s a 10 
Name: miracle leave-in product
Size: 4 fl. oz. / 120 mL
Price: $20 CAD

What it says on the bottle:

“Does 10 things instantly:
- Repairs dry, damaged hair
- Adds shine
- Detangles
- Control frizz
- Seals & protects hair colour
- Prevents split ends
- Stops hair breakage
- Creates silkiness
- Flat iron spray
- thermal protector”

To Purr About:

- easy to use
- pleasant subtle scent
- very light and does not weigh hair down
- hair feels soft and silky after applying product
- helps detangle hair
- helps control frizz
- a little product goes a long way

Claws Out:

- a little expensive
- didn’t drastically change the look/feel of my hair

Final Comments:

So being the pushover that I am, I’m easily swayed to buy products, so when the hairdresser started pushing products on me I ended up picking up a leave-in product by a brand I’ve never heard of called “it’s a 10”.

This product is actually a lotion consistency, but still sprays out for an easy application. I liked that this leave-in product is simple to use and doesn’t add too many extra steps to my normal routine. Just spray it in after you towel dry your hair and you’re ready to go. I love how this product makes my hair feel while I wait for it to air dry. It helps detangle my hair and leaves it feeling soft and silky. It was light and didn’t add any extra weight to my hair which was also nice. After my hair is dry I do notice a bit less frizz.

I’ve been using this leave-in conditioner for a few weeks now and I don’t see any major change in the way my hair looks. I do however like the way this product makes my hair feel and like that it helped control the frizz when my hair is dry. And although a little product goes a long way, I’m still debating whether this product is worth the cost or if I should look for another alternative.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: This product was purchased by Suziesaurus

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Product Review: Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Mineral Hygienics
Name: Starter Kit
Size: n/a
Price: $59.55 USD

What it says on the website:
The benefits of Mineral Hygienics include:
 - chemical free sun protection
- safe for all skin types
- water resistance
- non-Comedogenic, Non-Acnegenic, Anti-inflammatory
- younger looking skin

 Your Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit includes:
 - 2 shades of Mineral Hygienics SPF Foundation
 - Mineral Hygienics mineral enhancer
 - Mineral finishing powder
 - Flawless Face Mineral Brush
- Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
- Wonder Cover Concealer Brush
- Detailed How-To Guide

Shade Tried: Medium

To Purr About:
- full & mini starter kits are a great way to get started with mineral makeup
- application process takes some getting use to
- is very light and sheer on the skin
- you can choose to put additional layers for more coverage
- finishing powder helps prolong life of makeup

Claws Out:
- brushes shed and have a strong synthetic feel and scent

- not convenient for travel or on-the-go touchups

Final Comments:
I enjoy using mineral make-up and have been doing so for a few years now so I was excited to try Mineral Hygenics which I haven’t used previously.

I love that Mineral Hygenics has starter kits that come with everything you need to get started making it super easy. (Note: you can also purchase the products separately). As with all other mineral make-up it does take a little bit of time to get used to the application technique to get it just right. Mineral Hygenics comes in little pots which you shake the powder out of. I really like that you can choose to only puncture some of the holes which makes it easier to control the amount of product that comes out.

I found once I got used to the makeup, application was super easy and allows for you to apply a light coat, or additional layers. Blending is also extremely easy and skin ends up looking natural and beautiful. The finishing powder really extends the life of the makeup which is always a bonus.

One of the downsides to mineral makeup that comes in pots is that bringing them on travel and in your purse/bag isn’t the most convenient, so touch-ups aren’t that easy.

I was really disappointed with the quality of the brushes included in the kit. The first time I used the kabuki brush it shed a lot and the smell bothered me so I didn’t use it again. Perhaps I am just sensitive, but I really didn’t enjoy the smell.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten

Monday, May 14, 2012

Product Review: Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Veet
Name: EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit
Size: 50 ml
Price: n/a

What it says on the box:

“Discover the new Veel EasyWaxTM Electrical Roll-On – an innovative self-heating wax system with a roll-on applicator for salon wax results at home.

Formulated with the same ingredients as the waxes use in waxing salons, Veet wax removes hair from the root at first application, and is effective on hair as short as 2mm.

It is specifically formulated with natural beeswax for all skin types. moisturized, and remains impeccably smooth for up to 4 weeks!”

To Purr About:
- process is simple
- self-heating device with a charging stand is super convenient
- ergonomic device helps make application easy
- re-heating is as easy as plugging device back in
- rolling applicator comes with each wax refill which means no mess to clean up
- wax refills available for sale with different sized applicators for different body parts
- wax cartridge doesn’t have to be used all at once
- comes with strips to remove wax and also finishing wipes to remove excess wax
- affordable price

Claws Out:
- have to over 30 minutes for wax to heat up
- not that effective in removing hair
- have to wash/clean and dry out strips

Final Comments:
I was intrigued when I first saw this product because it is a great idea. It gets rid of the hassle of having to heat the wax by other methods (like in the microwave), which is great. I’m always looking for products to decrease the time I spend on chores like hair removal.

One of the great things about Veet’s EasyWax Electrical Roll-on product is that the heating device is so easy to use. You simply put in a wax cartridge, plug it in, put it on the handy stand and wait for the wax to heat up. The while process was simple and set up was easy and very convenient. No more running back to the microwave to heat up the wax. I found it took a bit longer than the suggested 20 minutes for the wax to heat up, which isn’t always great if you’re looking for a quick hair removal solution, but waxing is rarely a quick routine so that can be overlooked and avoided with a bit more planning. Once the wax was heated it was ready to be rolled on and flowed out smoothly. Re-heating the wax is also super easy as you just have to plug the device back in.

I really like that the wax cartridges comes with different sized roller wheels depending on if you want to do a large area (like your legs) or a smaller area (like your bikini line). Best of all, since the applicator is attached to the wax cartridge you don’t have to clean the roller part after each use.

The wax itself is smooth, liquidy, bright pink and didn’t have a strong smell, It rolled on smoothly, but unfortunately I didn’t find it that effective in removing hair. Maybe this is due to the thinner consistency of the wax or maybe I just need to get the hang of it, but I had to do the same area about 3 times before I got it to work. Once it did work, my hair was removed leaving my skin nice and smooth and hairless.

The wax cartridges come with a package of strips to pull the wax off and also finishing wipes to remove excess wax left on your skin at the end of the process. The wipes were great and removed excess wax effectively. If you run out you can use baby lotion for the same effect.

All in all I loved the user-friendliness of this product and I definitely think it’s an improvement to the wax you have to heat in the microwave. I’m still on the fence whether I’d use it instead of shaving and ready-to-use wax strips, but I will definitely be trying it again in hopes of getting the hang of the technique in hopes that improved skill will equal more hairs removed.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten
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