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Cinnamon Kitten is a Canadian-based personal blog that focuses on beauty, bath and body products and brings readers the latest in company news, product launches and product reviews from around the international beauty industry. Created in 2007 by Stephanie C., Cinnamon Kitten has grown steadily over the past 4 years and has a solid network of industry contacts and a loyal readership.

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Although I very much appreciate product samples, Cinnamon Kitten reviewers practice full disclosure and will always review products fairly and honestly. We value our readers’ opinions and loyalty very much and would never review something inaccurately just because we were given the product for free.

Please note, all products submitted are for editorial consideration and a review is not guaranteed.

If you are interested in submitting a product for review, please contact me.

We also do not sell sponsored posts. If you are interested in purchasing ad space on Cinnamon Kitten, please see the section on Advertising below.

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Advertising on Cinnamon Kitten is super affordable and helps you reach an audience dedicated to beauty products and cosmetics!

Cinnamon Kitten only offers advertising in the form of banner ads. We do not sell text link ads or sponsored posts. We only accept advertising that is deemed appropriate to this blog and its audience.

If this sounds like a good fit for your company and/or product, contact me to inquire about our (super affordable) ad rates!

Want to advertise but don’t have a pretty ad handy? Not to worry – I may be able to help you design one! Contact me for more details.
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