I got tired of seeing fancy ads and slick packaging, only to be disappointed by the products inside. So I turned to my trusted circle of friends for their recommendations and product reviews. I realized that they were a great source of information and their opinions and suggestions saved me from wasting my time and money on worthless junk.

But even though we were all passionate about beauty, we were limited in what we tried, especially since, like most girls, we tended to stick to what we liked, so I thought that starting a blog would be a great way to meet more beauty junkies and expand my circle of knowledge.

You won't find many makeup application tips here (I'll leave the "How to do a Smoky Eye" to the great makeup artists who blog - check my links!) but what you will find is a ton of product reviews and other useful information, like current promotions, company announcements and new product alerts.


My name is Stephanie and I live, work and play in lovely Toronto, Canada. Living in this city means I deal with extreme weather conditions: hot, humid summers, rainy spring days and snowy, freezing winters. All that adds up to me needing a variety of products to deal with the different seasons!

I don't work in the cosmetic or beauty industry (although I'm a big supporter) - I'm just a regular consumer, on a limited budget, who loves beauty products! I'm definitely a beauty addict (there's about 75 lipsticks scattered throughout my bedroom at last count!) and am always on the lookout for the next best (and better) product.

You can contact me at cinnamonkitten@gmail.com.


I have some great friends and family members who help me keep this blog buzzing:

- SUZIESAURUS, my sister, a regular product reviewer on this blog - she's almost as obsessed with beauty products as I am

- GUINEA HUBBY, my husband, who does all the product reviews for the men's products that Cinnamon Kitten receives

- SHELLYSUPERSTAR, a friend and co-worker, who does occasional product reviews; she's mostly interested in organic and enviro-friendly products

- ANNABELLA from Skin Scrubs, a blog friend who specializes in reviewing face and body scrubs
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