Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Product News: Estee Lauder Introduces New Pure Color Lipstick

Brand: Estee Lauder
Name: Pure Color Lipstick
Size: n/a
Price: $32 CAD

Also new for March 2011 from Estée Lauder and Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux is the Pure Color Lipstick.

Available in 35 shades in 2 new formulas: Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick (25 shades) and Pure Color Crystal Lipstick (10 shades).

- exclusive True Vision Technology incorporates intense, highly pigmented shades for a saturated, colour rich application
- the classic Estée Lauder golden-mirrored packaging is accented with a crisp, transparent cube that offers a preview of the enticing lipstick shade-

Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick
- 25 intensely pigmented shades
- classic favorites are updated with a broad spectrum of exciting new colours
- 2 textures: Satin Creme (a soft, shiny finish) and Lustrous Shimmer (a multi-faceted effect)

Shades available:
- Urban Auburn (creme)
- Barely Nude (creme)
- Autumn (shimmer)
- Cafe Chic (creme)
- Sugar Honey (shimmer)
- Tiger Eye (shimmer)
- Candy (shimmer)
- Bois de Rose (creme)
- Wildly Pink (shimmer)
- Blushing (creme)
- Pink Parfait (shimmer)
- Sunstone (shimmer)
- Rubellite (shimmer)
- Melon (shimmer)
- Nectarine (shimmer)
- Coral Sun (creme)
- Scarlet Siren (creme)
- Cherry Passion (creme)
- Beige (shimmer)
- Rose Tea (creme)
- Hot Kiss (shimmer)
- Exotic Orchid (shimmer)
- Mystic Mauve (shimmer)
- Plum Couture (creme)
- Pinkberry (creme)

Pure Color Crystal Lipstick
- 10 luminiously shining shades
- the luscious colour range of shimmering shades vary from sublime to vivid and impart a soft fullness to the lips
- 2 textures: Sheer Shine (a soft, sheer shine finish) and Brilliant Shimmer (a sheer multi-faceted effect)

Shades available:
- Crystal Baby (creme)
- Crystal Pink (creme)
- Rose Petal (creme)
- Rose Envy (shimmer)
- Tiramisu (shimmer)
- Passion Fruit (shimmer)
- Twinkling Ruby (shimmer)
- Ripe Papaya (shimmer)
- Plum Fizz (creme)
- Berry Truffle (shimmer)

image: press release

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