Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beauty shopping online, Australian edition

One of the best things, to a beauty addict anyway, about the internet is the wealth of information out there, but also the chance to be introduced to new brands from around the world AND to have a chance to try these products out for ourselves!

One lovely site that I've just been introduced to that's based in Australia is Catwalk.

Starting out as a chain of hair salons in Sydney and Brisbane (where, I'm told they are pretty popular, Catwalk eventually expanded into an online retail store and fashion brand. It's the retail online store that got me. They have lots of great brands, including ones that I'm quite familiar with and others that are less well known on this side of the globe.

The best thing is that Catwalk ships to pretty much all major countries, which means I get to try out some previously unkonwn-to-me brands! Yay!

So, watch for product reviews soon, but in the meantime, why not take a quick walk down the Catwalk and see what catches your eye?

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