Monday, November 05, 2007

NEW Product: Benefit Justine Case

Brand: Benefit

Name: justine case
Price: $30 USD

I love Benefit. They have the cutest packaging, funkiest names and some solid products to back up their nice wrapping. Now they're offering a great "Just in case" beauty kit for those times when you have to freshen up (you know, like when you run into Brad Pitt on the street)!

Product Notes:
This mini kit contains tiny versions of popular Benefit concealers and enhancers:
- California Kissin, 2.5 g - for a bright smile and minty breath
- Eyecon, 2.5 g - for fading action day or night
- Benetint, 2.5 ml - for rosy lips and cheeks
- Some Kind-a Gorgeous, 2.2 g - for flawless complexion

All packaged up in a tote-size box, this is perfect for emergency touch-ups!



Anonymous said...

Benefit's products are so cute! i was checking them out at the Shoppers Drug Mart at Fariview mall, but there's so many to chose from that it's overwhelming. it's also a bit pricey, no?

Karen said...

that's supercute. I love Benefit's packaging!

eye4style said...

I love this kit. It's very clever!

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