Monday, November 26, 2007

Gift Idea: Le Chocolat line

Brand: Le Chocolat

For all those chocoholics on your holiday shopping list (okay, I really mean, for yourself) Shoppers Drug Mart is introducing a premium line of imported chocolates that features the finest 100% Belgium chocolate at an affordable price.

Available in slabs as well as collections of individually hand-decorated chocolates, I was lucky enough to sample some of these and they were absolutely DELICIOUS. I am completely addicted to the Raspberries & Creme slab in particular - the top half of the bar is white choclate and the bottom half is raspberry-infused white chocolate and the entire thing is topped with raspberry pieces (are you drooling yet?)

Product Notes:

The chocolate slabs are decorated with real fruit and/or mixed nuts (individual slabs: $4.99; a 3-pack: $12.99)
- Milk Chocolate with Fruit and Nuts, 96 g
- Raspberries & Creme, 85 g
- Milk & Dark Chocolate with Fruit and Nuts, 96 g
- Milk & White Chocolate with Strawberries, 85 g

There are also 4 different boxed collections of beautifully hand-decorated chocolates. There are 3 different 9-piece boxes ($9.99) and an 18-piece Signature Collection ($16.99)

At these amazing prices, you can definitely afford to indulge a little and treat all your favourite people (or, like I said, YOURSELF) to these tempting bits of chocolate heaven.

image: Le Chocolat press kit


Anonymous said...

Those look so pretty! Definitely nice gift ideas for Christmas & New Years! Would make a really nice hosteess gift too!

Anonymous said...

those look yummy!

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