Wednesday, February 07, 2007

NEW Product: Barbie Loves M·A·C

Landing in stores on February 13, M·A·C's latest "icon" collection pays homage to the dream world of Barbie. This colour collection features various shades of pink in a huge variety of products. The powders are stamped with the ultra-cute "Barbie" profile (the one seen in the logo).

Here's the product scoop:

Liquidlast Liner ($20 CAD/$16.50 USD for 2.5 ml/0.084 oz)
- Classic Cream: white-gold
- Visionaire: clean, baby pink
- Point Black: true black

Loud Lash ($13 CAD/$11 USD)
- Noisy Black: pitched black

182 Buffer Brush ($55 CAD/$45 USD)

Beauty Powder ($26.50 CAD/$22 USD)
- Pearl Sunshine: Soft peach with pink pearl
- Pearl Blossom: Light, clean pink with silver pearl

Eye Shadow ($16.50 CAD/$14 USD)
- Playful: Bright clean pink (satin)
- Whistle: Pastel pink (veluxe pearl)
- Magic Dust: Soft white gold (frost)
- Mothbrown: Smoky charcoal brown with grey frost overlay (frost)
- Beautyburst: Rich reddish brown (satin)
- Springtime Skipper: Mid-tone minty green with gold pearl (veluxe pearl)

Lipstick ($16.50 CAD/$14 USD)
- Rocking Chick: Frosted fuchsia with blue pearl (frost)
- Real Doll: Light bubblegum pink (lustre)
Style It Up: Light muted pink with subtle gold pearl (frost)
- Modern Ms.: Mid-tone brick red with silver pearl (frost)
- Sweet & Single: Neutral silvered plum with multicoloured pearl (lustre)

Lipglass ($16.50 CAD/$14 USD)
- Malibu Barbie: Frosted fuchsia with multicoloured pearl (frost)
- Sweetness: Light baby pink with multicoloured pearl (frost)
- Happening Gal: Mid-tone reddish plum with gold pearl (frost)
Fashion Pack: Light neutral peach (cream)

Nail Lacquer ($12 CAD/$10 USD for 10ml /0.34 oz)
- Toast of the Town: Tarnished brown with green and red multidimensional pearl (pearl)
- Steamy: Hot 'n' steamy pink (cream)

Powder Blush ($21 CAD/17.50 USD)
- Fab: Mid-tone plum with gold pearl
- Don't Be Shy: Bright clean pink (satin)

Glimmershimmer ($20 CAD/16.50 USD)
- Fashion Leader: Rich reddish bronze
- Loves Pink: Mid-tone pink with gold pearl

Cremestick Pearl Liner ($16.50 CAD/$14 USD)
- Honey B.: Light neutral beige (pearl)
- Plum Royale: Mid-tone plum with bronze pearl (pearl)
- Cranapple: Vibrant red pink (pearl)

M·A·C and Barbie fans should plan to move fast if they want to nab up some of these cute products. Special collections from M·A·C, especially those with different packaging and embossed products, always sell out quickly. I'll be at the M·A·C counter early next week, grabbing up a few lip goodies (my personal weakness)!

You can take a peek at all the Barbie Loves M·A·C collection by clicking HERE.



Anonymous said...

That's cool! any pictures?

Would you actually buy to use? or as collectors items though?

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Hey cliniquegirl - I've added a link to the end of that post that will click you to the MAC page with all the products' images and descriptions! Enjoy!

I'll be buying to use (if the colours turn out to be flattering to me), but I'm sure there will be some people buying to collect.

I know when MAC brought out its Limited Edition Playboy collection a few years ago, there were many people who bought to collect (either as MAC fans or as Playboy fans) and there was a markup on the the products on eBay after they were sold out in stores.

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