Friday, June 29, 2007

Product Review: L'Oreal Endless ShineWear

Brand: L'Oreal
Name: Endless Kissable ShineWear
Size: 0.44 fl oz / 13 mL
Approx. Price: $13.99 CAD

Colour Tried:
- Wine & Roses

The 2-in-1 formula provides full colour coverage and zero-transfer that L'Oreal says will last up to 12 hours when used with the top coat.

The first part is the Vitamin E-enriched lipstick. After applying the lipstick and letting it set (1-2 inutes of no-contact) you apply the second part - a high-shine top coat that seals in the colour and adds a brilliant shine.

This product is available in 18 shades.

The second zero-transfer lipstick I've tried, the lipstick part of this duo-set is in the same packaging as L'Oreal's Endless Kissable Lipcolour (see that product review here).

To Purr About:
- easy to apply, relatively smooth formula
- after letting the product set, I took my fingers and tried very hard to rub the lipstick off - there was absolutely NO colour transfer at all! I was shocked
- top-coat adds a ton of shine, but makes my lips feel almost shellacked and not very kissable
- more colour choices than the L'Oreal Endless Kissable Lipcolour

Claws Out:
- as with many lipsticks that don't budge, this lipstick is slightly drying on the lips, although not as bad as I had expected
- there is a really strong smell, not completely unpleasant, but definitely noticeable

Rating (out of 5):

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image: productreviewloreal

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