Monday, May 28, 2012

Product Review: Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Clean & Clear
Name: Morning Burst Body Wash
Size: 473 ml
Price: $6.99 CAD

Scent Tried: Boost Mango and Papaya

What it says on the website:

"Get Clean! Get energized! Get Going! New Clean & Clear Morning Burst body wash is designed to help stimulate your senses and energize you all over. Mprning Burst is the only body wash infused with Bursting Beads that are suspended with exotic fruit extracts. Feel the boost of mango & papaya fill your shower as the bubbly formula leaves your skin clean and refreshed.

Skin TypeOily, Normal, Combination”

To Purr About:

- pleasant papaya scent that isn’t too strong
- doesn’t dry out skin
- lathers up well
- a little product goes a long way
- leaves skin feeling clean

Claws Out:
- isn't super moisturizing

Final Comments:

I’ve been using Clean & Clear’s Morning Burst Body Wash in Boost Mango & Papaya scent for the last few weeks and I’m quite impressed.

The first thing I noticed when I squeezed out some product on to my loofah was the nice pleasant papaya scent. It’s not too strong which is nice, but the scent also doesn’t last very long. The body is clear with a hint of yellow tint and has tiny beads suspended throughout – not sure what the beads do.

The product lathers up quite well and a little product goes a long way which is nice as the large bottle lasts a quite a long time. It leaves my skin feeling clean and clear and refreshed.

Overall this product is pretty good. The only con is that this product isn’t super moisturizing. I think it’s great for the summer months, but I’m not sure if my skin would be able to withstand the extremely dry winter months.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten


tiffany_keep_going said...

I always want to try out clean and clear morning burst series products, but they are all not available in my region! :( I am so jeslous of u ;P


Natasha said...

Great product even though it does not have the mosturizing power of... dove skin products for exemple or proesionnal (but so much more expensive) products

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