Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Product Review: Philosophy The Microdelivery Face Wash

Reviewer: Annabella from Skin Scrubs

Brand: Philosophy
Name: The Microdelivery Face Wash
Size: 8 fl oz
Price: approx. $26 CAD

I was introduced to The Microdelivery Face Wash while I was in Cleveland, Ohio for my second wedding. I packed just about every beauty product I owned when I went back home except I forgot to pack face wash (which is quite essential, yes). Lela didn't live far from the hotel we were staying at so I borrowed hers for a few days while I was there.

This is an exfoliating, foaming facial wash that can be used everyday. The 'scrubby bits' are very fine so they don't scratch, and it doesn't have much of a smell which was fine for me as I put so many fragranced things on my body anyway. I have oily skin and I get breakouts on my chin and this really helped keep them at bay which is pretty amazing considering the amount of stress I was under. James, my husband, used it too, and I think he likes it because again it doesn't smell fruity/floral and just makes your skin feel clean and refreshed. The bottle also states you can use this as 30-second mini peel but I just used it as a normal face wash.

To Purr About:
- convenient easy to use flip top lid
- don't need much to get good lather
- lasts several months
- face feels lovely and smooth afterwards

Claws Out:
- pricey for a face wash

Final Comments:
If you have dry skin or live in a dry climate this might irritate your face. It's says it gentle for everyday use but I personally think that it is for oily skins only. I've just finished my bottle and I wouldn't re-buy this again until the warmer months because even though my skin is normally oil, it has dried up a bit with the winter weather. I used it everyday with no problem while I was on honeymoon in Aruba but unfortunately I don't live there!

Rating (out of 5):


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