Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Product News: Bath & Body Works AntiBacterial Hand Soaps Spring Collection

Brand: Bath & Body Works
Name: Antibacterial Hand Soap
Price: $5.50 USD each

Where to buy: Bath & Body Works stores

What it says in the release:

Inspired by handpicked fruits straight from the vine, this spring soap collection features fresh, juicy, luscious scents. The antibacterial hand washes infuse your home with the fresh scents of mouthwatering fruits every time you wash your hands.

Available scents:
- Fresh Picked Pears: The unforgettable scent of ripe, juicy Bartlett pears
- Fresh Picked Tangerine: The crisp scent of sweet tangerines picked straight from the tree
- Fresh Picked Strawberries: Lightly scented with luscious summer strawberries blended with fresh mango nectar and peach blossom
- Fresh Picked Lemons: Sparkling scent of sweet Meyer lemons fresh from the grove.
- Fresh Picked Cherries: Scented with sumptuous Bing cherries blended with pink champagne, fresh strawberry and star jasmine.

image: press release

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