Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Product Review: OXY Clinical Acne Solutions pack

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: OXY
Name: : Clinical Acne Solutions pack
Price: approx. $14.99 USD

What it says in the press release:
The OXY Clinical Acne Solutions pack consists of a:
- Clearing Treatment
- Advanced Face Wash
- Hydrating Therapy.

All OXY Clinical products contain an advanced delivery system technology that helps the product to work continuously over time. And, the OXY® Clinical Clearing Treatment has been proven to kill 99% of acne causing bacteria in 8 hours, so it starts working right away.

Before you read my review, please note that I don't really have a problem with acne. I don't have perfect skin, but acne has never been a major problem for me - now or in the past. My skin tends to be a bit oily (I have that T-zone thing) and is definitely less sensitive to products than some people I know (like Suziesaurus).

To Purr About:
- no more acne!
- affordable price

Claws Out:
- skin wasn't extremely dry after use
- after a few days of consistent use, I did feel a slightly irritating tingle on my skin
- has a chemical smell

Final Comments:
I used all three products in this pack regularly for about two weeks and, although it did make my skin feel drier than usual (nothing a little moisturizer couldn't fix), I must say that I didn't get a single pimple after a week of use. The ones I did have faded away within a few days of starting this regime.

That being said, like I mentioned before, I rarely get bad acne, so I can't be sure if my pimple-less state was a result of my usual skin or from using the OXY treatment. I did notice that the few pimples I did have faded away without leaving the usual dark scarring that I get for a while afterwards.

If you have sensitive skin, however, I do recommend doing a patch test beforehand as I know that some people have mentioned they have a bad reaction to this product. Keep in mind that any products created to treat acne problems is going to be harsher on your skin, so it may not be for everyone.

If you're like me and want some quick clean-up of an oilier complexion, then this three-pack is an affordable way to get a nice treatment for your acne problems.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten
image: press release

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