Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My August Glymm box

Yay! This afternoon I got a text from my hubby with just 2 words "Glymm box". LOL. It definitely gave me something to look forward to when I got home!

I was excited to see if my August Glymm box measured up to the July one. It would definitely have to have some sweet products to beat the Stila lip gloss and the Gucci mini perfume.

So, as soon as I got home, I headed right for the little pink box sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for me.

In my Glymm box this month:
- B. Kamins Vegetable Cleanser, 7 g / 0.25 oz
- Supergoop Sunscreen Swipes SPF 20, one 6"x8" wipe
- Benefit That Gal, 7.5 ml / 0.25 US fl oz
- Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Glam, 0.14 fl oz / 4.2 ml
- a little jar of Jelly Belly beans in white and pink (yummy!)

The first item I saw when I opened up the Glymm box was the Benefit That Gal sample. I've always wanted to try this primer/brightener, so that was exciting. And then I saw the Smashbox lip gloss in a lovely pink shade. After seeing those two items, I was already really happy with this month's surprise.

I know that several Cinnamon Kitten readers also signed up for a Glymm box and I'd love to know if you got the exact same box as me or if you got something different? Let's compare! What did you get?

You can sign up for more information or for your own Glymm box here.

Want to win the September Glymm box? I'm giving one away! Enter here.


meredith said...

I have been reading such great things about the Glymm box....I signed up!

Wish I had gotten the August one!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to get mine for September!

Anonymous said...

Mine sucked compared to yours! I got a mini Smashbox Gloss(1.6 ml), a tiny tiny Benefit Stay Don't Stray, A mini OPI polish, a face mask and the jelly beans. Everything is so small! Not impressed. Hope the next one is better.

miu miu said...

Really love this idea. Thanks for posting what you got so we can read and determine if Glymm's for us.

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