Thursday, July 07, 2011

Product Review: Barry M Nail Paint

Reviewer: Annabella from Skin Scrubs

Brand: Barry M
Name: Nail Paint
Size: 10 ml
Price: GBP £2.99 / approx $4.81 CAD

Shade Tried: 273 Raspberry 049

Barry M is a staple of most beauty bloggers in the UK. Not being from the UK myself I had never heard of Barry M Cosmetics until I moved here in 1996. It is the quintessential pharmacy/chemist brand with their assortment of nail paints, dazzle dust for the eyes, lipsticks, brushes and other makeup bits. Even thought it has a reputation for being used by school girls, it gets the thumbs up from women of all ages, including me.

Barry M Nail Paint is good value for money, has some great colours and innovative products like the Nail Effects which is the crackle that everyone in the blogosphere has been going crazy for in the last 6 months. Barry M started the trend and now the bigger brands like OPI are bringing out their own crackle shades.

To Purr About:
- Great colours
- Easy to apply
- Dries super quick
- Long lasting, doesn't chip easily
- The price

Claws Out:
- There can be some cuticle drag with some of the lighter colours
- The numbering/name system of colours can be confusing

Final Comments:
I stopped wearing nail polish several years ago (out of laziness mostly) and since I've been blogging I've come over all girly again my collection of Barry M grows bigger by the day. What I really love is that dries really quick, so no sitting around for hours literally watching paint dry. It's also quite hardwearing, I've been able to an entire week without a chip. Barry M also has a high shine factor so a top coat isn't always necessary especially with the darker colours. The only moans and these are minor are the naming/numbering system that Barry M has for the Nail Paints. Most bloggers wish they would just use actual names rather than a combination of both. Also, there can be cuticle drag with some of the lighter colours so you need to be a bit more careful when you apply them.

If and when Barry M does come to Canada it will be a great day for everyone!

Rating (out of 5):

image: Annabella from Skin Scrubs

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