Sunday, February 13, 2011

Product News: The Body Deli Dark Chocolate Truffle Scrub

Brand: The Body Deli
Name: Dark Chocolate Truffle Scrub
Size: 16 oz
Price: $32 USD

Made with raw Certified Organic Ecuadorian Cacao beans, The Body Deli's Dark Chocolate Truffle Scrub polishes away dull skin while leaving a sweet aroma on the skin.

This body scrub is formulated with rich organic African Shea, organic Cocoa and organic Virgin Coconut Butter. These amazing butters soften and leave the skin feeling hydrated, soft and buttery. Extra fine grain sea salt is used to create a gentle exfoliating skin polish that refines and smoothes the skin. Nutrient-rich precious oils further enhance this spa quality experience. Pure all natural therapeutic essential oils are used to impart the healing essence of true aromatherapy.

Only available in February, this delicious-sounding body scrub would be a lovely Valentine's treat.

image: press release


Anonymous said...

Hey Steph! I wish we had The Body Deli over here do you know if they ship to the UK?

socialitedreams said...

oh my lord, why does that sound so delicious? what a way to indulge without breaking the diet ;)


Anonymous said...

Omigoodness - this looks positively scrumptions!

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Hey A! Yes, it looks like the site does do international shipping - you can check them out at :)

Vonnie - I know, doesn't it sound yummy?

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