Monday, November 22, 2010

NEW Product Line: Whole Truth Solutions Healthy Beauty Bath Bars

Brand: Whole Truth Solutions
Name: Healthy Beauty Bath Bars
Price: approx. $7 USD

Founded by Teresa and Frank Bebla in 2008, Whole Truth Solutions offers all natural bath and body solutions for women, men and children. Their Collection is inspired by their life philosophy which is to only embrace beauty by healthy means.

Every Healthy Beauty Bar is handmade with plant based ingredients, including natural teas with cleansing organic oils, organic butters and healing herbs, and produced using the cold process method. Each bar is cured for at least 4 weeks before being packaged in 100 percent recycled material. No two bars are identical; therefore each provides its own distinctive gift.

Each comes with a unique name, special quote on its packaging and tells its own special tale:

- 4:30: an herbal masterpiece inspired by hemp and its natural sustainability with hints of sea kelp and cedarwood.
- Alice Rose: inspired and named after Whole Truth Solutions’ founder Teresa Bebla’s late mother, Alice Rose. Bask in the scent of lavender mixed with roses.
- Along the Shore: takes you on a long, relaxing beach walk with its aroma of sea salt and kelp.
- Caisse: a tribute to Nurse Rene Caisse for her contribution to the world of Cancer. Features a blend of essaiac tea, basil and eucalyptus for their healing qualities.
- Cigarettes & Coffee: an ode to Otis Redding., this bar smells of coffee, cocoa, almond and ginger.
- Crouching Tiger Hidden Jasmine: Asian-inspired with hints of green tea and jasmine.
- Hello Vera!: nothing can beat the natural healing qualities of aloe vera.
- I Hope: with the aroma of hibiscus, lavender and vanilla in the air, you won’t have to hope to relax after a long day, you just will!
- Lavender Buds: the perfect bed time bath bar, made with lavender and chamomile to soothe skin and relax the soul.
- Lemon Sense: when life hands you lemons...shower with this bar and let the soothing combination of chamomile, oatmeal and lemon peel calm you.
- Nature Boy: inspired and named after a Nat King Cole song. Features plantain, aloe and lime.
- Pumpkins From Poppy Seeds: nourishes and exfoliates skin with pumpkin, poppy, cedarwood and sage.
- Raw Honey & Oats: blended with 2 of nature’s finest ingredients - oats and honey - to create the comforting aroma reminiscent of homemade oatmeal cookies.
- Simplicity: in honor of appreciating the simpler thing in life, this bar has 3 simple flavors - coco, sunflower and myrrh.
- Unhook the Stars: wish upon a star for younger looking skin… or just use this acai berry-filled bar and let it do all the work for you.
- Vanilla Berry Truffle: this exotic bath bar will leave you feeling spoiled! Made with white truffle oil, vanilla beans and ylang ylang.
- Vanilla Sky: represents a blank canvas and a fresh start with a refreshing shower filled with the aroma of vanilla bean, spearmint and white thyme.
- White Tea Jasmine Rose: shares the simple and beautiful aroma created when jasmine and rose are swept up by the same breeze.
- Yellow Brick Road: made with lemongrass, ginger and poppy, oh my!

image: press release

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