Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Real with U by Kotex

Okay, so this isn't technically a "beauty" post, but I think it's important.

When I first saw the TV ad by U by Kotex, I laughed. Because I loved it. Yeah, I know, a tampon commercial? Really? But it was so much more realistic than the "usual" feminine product ads. If you haven't seen the ad yet, here it is:

U by Kotex's site has lots of great areas to encourage girls to talk to each other about their period. In addition to creating a platform to make it easier for girls to talk, U by Kotex has also put together a line of products in brightly coloured and eye-catching designs.

Click Tampons, 18-pack, $4.59 CAD
Starts compact, but expands to full size with just one click. The slim applicator features a smooth tip. Comes in 4 fun, bold coloured wrappers and applicators in every package. Available in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies as well as a Multipack for convenience (Regular/Super).

CleanWear Pads with Wings, 18-pack, 16-pack and 14-pack, average $4.59 CAD
All pads feature the CleanWear cover for fierce protection that’s super soft. Soft cotton-like side barriers and TruFit wings help keep you comfortable and keep the pad in place. Heavy Flow pads provide extra absorbency on heavier days (than regular U by KOTEX*). Overnight is uniquely shaped to get you through the night and provide coverage where you need it most. Comes in 4 fun, bold colored wrappers in every package. Available in Regular, HeavyFlow and Overnight absorbencies.

Liners, 50-pack (Regular) and 60-pack (Thin), approx. $4.59 CAD
Comes in 4 fun, bold colored wrappers in every package. Available in Thin and Regular absorbencies.
- Barely There Thin Liners - have sheer sides and are nearly invisible, providing discreet protection. Perfect for everyday use
- Curves Regular Liners - lighter day protection that fits the body

image: press kit

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