Friday, May 28, 2010

NEW Product Line: Lise Watier Neon Love

(From the press release) "For Summer 2010, the Lise Watier Neon Love collection lets loose and dives into a fantastic world of vivid colour, a place that blurs the lines between dream and reality.

This summer, go bold with neons – and not just on your fingernails! Dare to create a punchy, potent look with exuberant hues. Shades of the 80s, but brighter, fresher, freer: intense acid pastels like shimmering lime, bubblegum pink, and icy aqua, teamed with more neutral, sometimes darker tones that balance the palette’s brilliance."

Quator Neon Love Eyeshadow Quartet, $35 CAD
Two wildly seductive incarnations, each with 4 eyeshadows that work in perfect
harmony. The season’s palettes are imbued with rich tones and shimmering finishes. As always, Lise Watier shadows are satiny-textured and easy to apply, gently formulated and paraben-free. Limited edition. Available from May to July inclusively.
- Shine: a foursome of shadows with super-saturated pigments. Brighten the
lids with iridescent lime-green, frosted pinkish-white, shocking pink and incandescent taupe
- Bronze: features a gold-tinged sun yellow, a soft coral, a warm brown that’s both muted and shimmery, and an amber tangerine

SOLO Eyeshadows, $17.00 CAD
The SOLO eyeshadow family by Lise Watier adds 3new shades to the regular line-up: a trio of delectable sorbet flavours that share a sublime affinity with the Neon Love trend.
- Blanc Neige: snowy white with frosted accents
- Orange Crush: an electric fruity hue
- Bleu Curacao: an icy aqua

Eye Shine, $16.00 CAD
These timeless favourites are renewed in 3 brilliant shades, making a fleeting appearance for the season. Eyeliners with an ultra-metallic finish and creamy texture that glide on for a perfectly contoured eye. Limited edition. Available from May to July inclusively.
- White: the misty snow-white makes summer’s wild fluorescents really pop. The unique formula brightens the eye area (always remember the inside corner!) and is a great alternative to traditional, pale highlighting shadows.
- Lime: a metallic lime shade, as vivid and tonic as freshly squeezed citrus.
- Orange Cuivre: a 100% metallic orangey hue that's reminiscent of a blazing sunset, a color inspired by the fiery sun rays disappearing below the horizon.

Neon Lash & Line Glitter Duo, $19.00 CAD
Our beloved glitter liners have a new look and innovative new tube! The formula’s the same: water-based, non-streaking, long-wearing and, of course, 100% glitter! The difference is in the fabulous new applicator. Both a liner and a mascara, Neon Lash & Line Glitter Duo features an applicator to precisely line the lids and a high-definition brush to brighten the tips of the lashes with shimmery accents. This summer, rediscover 4 classic shades, available, just for this season, in a new tube that complies with your every whim. Limited edition. Available from May to July inclusively.
- Sunshine (satin): a honeyed base shade with the glimmer of precious stones, gold, and bronze
- Opale (satin): a delicate pinkish-white base, at the heart of a glittering pastel rainbow
- Peacock: glitter particles in notes of
turquoise, blue, and tourmaline
- Fuchsia: loaded with vibrant fuchsia sparkles, with the subtlest hint of violet shimmer
- Lime: an effervescent formula of acid lime glitter

Duo Havana Bronze Evolution, $35.00 CAD
With the much-anticipated arrival of summer, this bronzing powder is the
indispensable tool for brightening the complexion, getting a sunless tan and an instant glow. Its innovative formula presents 3 options of shades that will evolve with you over time and adapt to the intensity of your tan. A lighter shade
to dive right into summer, a darker shade to enjoy the last days of summer or a combination of both shades to create a brand new shade halfway between the summer solstice and the fall equinox. The soft, silky texture of this loose powder blends easily into the skin and provides a natural, sun-kissed glow. Its mineral formula suits all skin types. Limited edition. Available from May to July inclusively.

Havana Duo Kiss & Glow, $35.00 CAD
The innovative packaging offers 2 products in 1 bottle: a shimmering body gel at the bottom, a creamy lip gloss at the top. The light, non-sticky and non-greasy texture of the shimmering gel blends into the skin to enhance your sun-kissed glow. Its precious golden glitters leaves skin bathed in shimmering highlights. The gel goes on effortlessly, sparkles all day long and washes off instantly with soap and water. Its delicate aroma is reminiscent of warm summer days with subtle notes of sweet coconut. Use alone for a total luminous look, or blend with moisturizer for a more understated effect. The spatula-applicator is perfect for an easy, mess-free application. The creamy-textured gloss dresses the lips in a warm, shiny hue – a bronze shade that makes for the perfect, natural, sunkissed look. Limited edition. Available from May to July inclusively.

Plumpissimo Le Gloss, $20.00 CAD
Plumpissimo Le Gloss hydrates and pampers lips with ultra-plumping softening agents. - Iridescent: a clear base infused with pearly rose and gold tints

Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss, $18.00 CAD
To celebrate the arrival of summer, Lise Watier decided to expand her collection with the introduction of Lip Kiss Crayon Gloss: super-shiny gloss, lightweight and non-sticky, in pencils that you can sharpen like a pencil! Rich in plant extracts, this product hydrates and nourishes lips while keeping them feeling comfortable all day. The shimmering, creamy texture and pencil format make for easy, precise application.
- Passion Fuchsia: deep and sensual fuchsia
- Bronze Romance: an amber hue, natural, shimmery
- Coral Desire: a soft coral, slightly translucent
- Tender Pink: a dusty rose

Neon Love Desirable, 50 ml $45.00 CAD
Fall under the spell of Neon Love Desirable, a new incarnation of the original fragrance for the summer season. Get whisked away in a sweet, flowering oasis, a sunny paradise. With delicious notes of lime, pineapple and coconut, this eau de toilette spray is like a true slice of summer. Its exotic floral heart unfurls on sandalwood and musk undertones. A luminous, elegant treat for the senses. A vibrant, sophisticated explosion of sunny notes. Limited edition. Available from May to July inclusively.

images: press release

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