Thursday, April 08, 2010

NEW Product: Sephora Color Play - 5 in 1

Brand: Sephora
Name: Color Play - 5 in 1
Size: n/a
Price: $29.50 USD

I love trying out these types of palettes because you get to mix and match and create a whole bunch of looks for a fraction of the cost.

This fun new Sephora product is a versatile eye, lip, and cheek set featuring 5 interchangeable colour "stories".

The 5 sub-palettes each fits easily into a conveniently portable compact. To switch colour stories, just pop out the previous look and insert a new one. The ones you aren't using are easily stored away in a convenient case.

Each of the 5 sub-palettes contains:
- 10 Eyeshadows
- 2 Lip colors
- 1 Blush

Each sub-palette has its own unique name and colour selection:
- Dinner in Paris: Grays and blacks
- Coffee in New York: Browns
- Shopping in Milan: Purples and pinks, green
- Tango in Buenos Aires: Blues and greens
- Clubbing in Tokyo: Baby blues, pinks, and yellows


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