Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Product Review: Olay Complete Ageless Renewing UV Lotion

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: Olay
Name: : Complete Ageless Renewing UV Lotion
Size: 75 ml
Price: $26.99 CAD

After the amazing results I saw from Olay's Complete Ageless cleanser, I was excited to try another product from the same line.

From Olay's website: "Olay Complete Ageless Skin Renewing UV Lotion combines nourishing all day moisture with vitamins and an anti-oxidant complex enriched with Green Tea and Ginkgo extracts to exfoliate and help promote skin's surface renewal process for healthy-looking skin."

The product is advertised to:
- Visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles
- Dermatologist tested
- Non-Comedogenic (wont clog pores)
- Oil-Free, Non-Greasy”

To Purr About:
- contains SPF 20 to protect the skin from harmful sun rays
- small and slim bottle allows for easy travel packing (with locking pump)
- did not irritate my super sensitive skin
- keeps my skin super moisturized
- absorbed quickly into my skin
- left skin looking quite radiant

Claws Out:
- smelled like it had SPF
- feels just a tad tacky/greasy during application
- similarly to other lotions with SPF, if you put on too much it will flake off

Final Comments:
I’m usually not a huge fan of moisturizers with SPF because I find they feel a bit greasy, but I really loved this product. It did smell like it had SPF, but the scent wasn’t overpowering and it left my skin looking very radiant. Best of all it helps protect my skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

I’m a bit worried about how it will fair in the hotter weather since I don’t want my skin to look too greasy, but I will see what the summer brings.

The only negative thing I have to say about this product is after a few weeks of use I started finding that if I wasn’t careful and applied too much it would flake off.

All in all I found this to be a great daily moisturizer. I am continuously impressed by Olay’s products and cannot wait to try out more!

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten

image: olay.ca


Joanne Olivieri said...

I use nothing but Olay products.

Suziesaurus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Suziesaurus said...

To Poetic Shutterbug: I've been trying out/using a lot of Olay products lately & totally understand why you use nothing but them! =)

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