Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Product Review: eos Tangerine Medicated Anti-Bacterial Lip Balm Smooth Sphere

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: eos
Name: : Tangerine Medicated Anti-Bacterial Lip Balm Smooth Sphere
Size: n/a
Price: approx. $3.29 USD

eos has created a new addition to their Smooth Sphere lip balms - the Tangerine Medicated Anti-Bacterial Lip Balm Smooth Sphere.

This little round lip balm includes antioxidants, zinc, vitamins C and E, shea butter and jojoba oil.

Other features:
- medicated anti-bacterial lip protection helps sooth dry lips and alleviate cold sore symptoms
- petroleum and paraben-free
- not tested on animals

I've already tried the eos smooth sphere lip balm so was interested in trying the medicated version to see the difference between this and the regular Smooth Sphere. (Many of the things I like and dislike about the original Smooth Sphere lip balm will again show up in this review).

To Purr About:
- nice, light tangerine scent isn't overpowering
- round little sphere has a light, rubbery feeling, making it non-slippery and easy to hold
- very easy to apply onto lips

Claws Out:
- not as moisturizing as the regular eos lip balm
- as with the other Smooth Sphere, it shape and size of the packaging makes it awkward to carry around
- this lip balm isn't as "soft" as the regular eos lip balm (or other lip balms) so it takes a few more swipes across my lips for full coverage

Final Comments:
The main difference I noticed when comparing the medicated eos Smooth Sphere to the original is that the lip balm seems to be "harder", so that it takes a few more swipes across the lips to feel like I've applied enough of it, plus there is a slight medicinal smell over the tangerine scent. It also provides a light tingle, which the regular, non-medicated eos lip balm doesn't have.

As with the original Smooth Sphere, the shape of sphere, while cute and easy to use, doesn't make it an ideal lip balm to tuck into your purse or pocket. I find I don't take the Spheres out as much as I do slimmer lip balms, but it's still one of my favourite ones to use at home.

I'm lucky to not suffer much from cold sores, so I don't know how effective this is in alleviating cold sore symptoms, but I do notice that this lip balm does a good job of keeping my lips soft during the colder months.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten

image: evolutionofsmooth.com

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