Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Product Review: Olay Complete Ageless Rejuvenating Lathering Cleanser

Reviewer: Suziesaurus
Brand: Olay
Name: Complete Ageless Rejuvenating Lathering Cleanser
Size: 192 ml
Price: approx. $12 CAD

"Olay Complete Ageless Rejuvenating Lathering Cleanser gently cleanses to remove dirt and dry skin while micro-beads exfoliate skin to help promote skin's surface renewal process for a more ageless appearance." (from the Olay web site)

It's Dermatologist Tested & Non-Comedogenic (won't clog pores).

To Purr About:
- left my skin feeling very clean
- left my skin feeling super soft and younger
- seemed to improve overall look of my skin
- no strong scent

Claws Out:
- none really

Final Comments:
Every so often I try a new cleanser to switch things up from my regular daily regimen, and since I have a few stubborn wrinkles I figured it was time I try a product aimed more at regaining a more youthful appearance.

I was a bit hesitant to try this product at first because often products that have micro-beads and advertise exfoliation are too rough on my sensitive skin, but after a few days of using it without any skin irritation I was quite impressed. It not only seemed to improve the overall appearance of my skin, but it left my skin feeling super soft all day long. My skin actually feels younger!

I definitely give this product a high rating and am pretty stoked to try other Oil of Olay products in this product line.

Rating (out of 5):

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Disclosure: A free sample of this product was received by Cinnamon Kitten.



Faye said...

Thanks for this review, I wasnt sure if I should buy some or not as so often these things never work, but now I think I will give it a go!

Suziesaurus said...

Hi Faye,
glad you liked the review. I do really enjoy the product & am craving more olay products now. haha.

matchstick girl said...

This sounds like l'oreal's revitalift cleanser. It's very nice as well.

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