Thursday, May 28, 2009

NEW Product: Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex

"New Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex provides optimized night-time repair to skin’s appearance using revolutionary Chronolux Technology to support the natural synchronization of skin’s repair processes...a new patented technology encapsulating Alkyl Guanine Transferase (AGT) helps repair the appearance of damage from smoke and pollution, in particular toxins and chemicals, putting this new serum at the forefront of repairing the look of damage from all known major environmental assaults."

Used every night and over time, this product promises to help reduce the visible signs of aging, including the appearance of lines, dehydration and discolouration. It also is stated to help repair the appearance of past damage caused by every major environmental assault – UV light, smoke, pollution, ozone, and even emotional stress – before they become permanent.

Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex will be on Canadian counters early June 2009.

Suggested Retail Price:
- 30ml: $63.00
- 50ml: $93.00

images: press kit


PInky said...

I have not tried a serum before.Do you think this will be effective for acne marks too?I have huge open pores on my skin left due to acne.Will this serum help in that too?

Ebony said...

I have been using this serum for almost a year now and it is great. I used it because my skin was dull and this helped alot.

Billigflug Thailand said...

I've ordered the 30 ml now to test it. It's sounds awesome and my skin needs a lot repairing.

Anonymous said...

This just came out about 10 days ago. I just got some today and plan to test it out starting tonight :)

Eb said...

I have been using this serum for over a year and it is fanastic, worth every penny.I use is twice a day and even after facial waxing and plucking. And the bottle lasts for so long.

Ebony said...

@ Pinky this will help with the open pores as it aids the skin in rebalancing itself. For my ance mark i used the L'oreal Refinish kit twice a week and that helped loads.

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