Monday, April 13, 2009

Product Review: Milani Lip Mixer

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: Milani
Name: Lip Mixer
Size: 0.09 oz / 2.7 g
Price: approx. $8 CAD

Shade Tried: Lip-Fuse

From Milani's website: "Three playful social shades of color, shine and shimmer are expertly matched to create one dynamic lip gloss color. The ultimate multi-dimensional shine is achieved when all three layers are mixed together. Contains reflective pearls, high shine polymers & conditioning color."

I love the look of this cute lip gloss. The bottom layer is colourful, the middle layer is glossy and the top layer adds shimmer and shine.

To Purr About:
- fruity smell (but not a fruity taste) is nice
- slightly sticky, but not extremely bad compared to many other glosses
- really nice shine and shimmer
- colour is subtle, but really pretty

Claws Out:
- the three layer look goes away after several uses

Final Comments:
The unique look of the three layers is pretty at first, but they all end up mixed together anyway since you have to push the wand back and forth through the three layers. I do love the shimmer and shade that this gloss adds, so it's easy to enjoy it if you want a nice, shimmery gloss.

Rating (out of 5):

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delete this said...

Hi - where can you buy Milani items in Canada?

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Right now, unfortunately, if you live in Canada, the only place you can get Milani is online, through

delete this said...

Shucks - I thought you found some uber-secret place to buy it here LOL

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