Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Daily Gift Guide: Jack Black It's the Balm Lip Balm Trio

Gift Idea: Jack Black It's the Balm Lip Balm Trio
Price: approx. $25 CAD
Available: Sephora

Jack Black's award-winning lip balm formula in three delicious flavors. The Lip Balm delivers intensive, long-lasting lip moisture in unique, natural flavours.

Trio includes these flavours:
- Natural Mint & Shea Butter: delivers a fresh and tingly feeling
- Lemon & Chamomile: soothes with sweetness
- Acai Berry & Vanilla: rejuvenates with powerful, restorative antioxidants; only available in this limited-edition set

image: Sephora


Anonymous said...

I am hearing a lot at the moment about the acai berry, and its health benefits. This little black berry comes from a palm tree in the Amazon, and is renowned as a powerful antioxidant, and for increasing your energy

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some wonderful lip balm--good for both men and women. It's very dry where I live and both hubby and I suffer dry lips. I think I'll have to check this out--thanks!

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