Monday, July 07, 2008

Sorry about the Comment Moderation

Frequent commenters here at Cinnamon Kitten will notice that comment moderation is now turned on (before you could just leave a comment and type one of those funny words to post a comment).

I had to turn it on because there's some website spamming my comments section and leaving ads in the comments section of all my posts and it looks like they're working their way from my older posts to newer ones so I'm hoping that if I moderate the comments for awhile and delete all of their posts then they'll stop.

So once they give up I'll turn off comment moderation and we can all go back to being the happy little beauty blog we were before without the bad spammers! :)

Of course, everyone else is encouraged to leave lots of comments as I'll happily let the other non-spam comments through as quick as possible.

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