Sunday, July 13, 2008

NEW Product: Bodyform tins

Bodyform, a UK brand of feminine hygiene products, is launching an exciting new partnership with the Preen fashion label and is unveiling a stylish set of 4 new protective tins designed by Preen, the British fashion label of Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi.

While this doesn't have much to do with beauty, I'm a sucker for a cute tin and also I'm sure a lot of girls would love to have these cute tins in their purse to hold some items that they'd rather not have accidentally fall out of their purses!

Consultant relationship psychologist and life coach, Anjula Mutanda, has given her professional analysis of the 4 unique and feminine designs and what each says about the woman who chooses it: a candy pink floral tin for the romantic and creative woman with a ‘secret desire for passion and intimacy’; a lavender tin with a celery green bow to suit the ‘witty, youthful and go-getting’ character; a tangerine and sky blue tin with bird cage pattern for the ‘smart, persuasive and dynamic’ woman; and a crimson red tin with woven fish net pattern for the ‘more daring and flirty character who is not afraid to let her naughty side out to play.’

The 4 tins have been designed by Preen exclusively for Bodyform and will be available on special packs in-store from May to July 2008 (subject to availability and while stocks last). The tins have been designed to provide a discreet, fun and fashionable way for women to carry feminine products.

Bodyform is stocked in major supermarkets and pharmacies across the UK.

image: press release

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