Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Product Review: Schick Quattro for Women

Reviewer: Cinnamon Kitten

Brand: Schick
Name: Quattro for Women
Size: n/a

Many years ago, I used a razor made for women, but hated it - the "specially designed handle for women" was really wide and hard for me to deal with. One day I grabbed a slim-handled razor and loved it - so much more control! So I've always stuck to it, which is triple-blade, but was curious to try these 4-blade razors that are out on the market now. With so many blades, I thought that it should deliver an even better shave.

The Schick Quattro for Women has:
- duo conditioning strips
- 4 blades
- pivoting head
- no-slip grip
- metal head
- ergonomic design

To Purr About:
- razor is heavier than the normal plastic body ones, making it easier to handle
- pivoting head moves with the curves of the body and the head moves with the slightest touch
- rubber grip never slipped, even with the water and shaving cream all over it
- conditioning strips did help moisturize my skin - there was never any "razor burn"

Claws Out:
- because the pivoting head was quite sensitive and moved very easily, sometimes I had to press a little harder than normal to get a closer shave
- for some reason, (I think also because of the easily pivoting head) I had to go over the same areas several times as the blades would miss hairs

Final Comments:
I was impressed with the feel of this razor - the rubber grip and weight of the razor made it extremely easy to handle and was very easy to use in the shower. The pivoting head, which has a broad range of movement, gave a little too easily for me - it was great when shaving legs, but not so effective in "curvier" areas, like under arms and the bikini area

Rating (out of 5):

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image: schickquattroforwomen.com

1 comment:

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I'm actually using this right now and I like it. I have to shave often because the vitamins I'm taking makes my hair grow like weeds. So far, this razor has hold up its ends of the bargain.

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