Friday, January 11, 2008

Product Review: Sephora Eyebrow Trimmer / Brush

Reviewer: S.K.Y.

Name: Eyebrow Trimmer / Brush
Approx. Price: $22 CAD

Cinnamon Kitten introduced me to this product. My first thought was "that seems totally unnecessary", but after trying them I was hooked. Maybe I’m just clumsy, but I have definitely made mistakes while trimming my brows.

What is this product exactly and what does it do? As Sephora describes "Brow scissors with a genius comb attachment, that acts as a guide to prevent over trimming."

To Purr About:
- the comb can be removed for use as trimming scissors
- simple to use
- definitely reduces the probability of over trimming the eyebrows

Claws Out:

- none really - if I HAD to come up with one suggestion it would be for the handles to be foldable to make them even more compact, but that is probably overkill

Final Comments:
Although I would not call this a complete necessity, I love them! I normally would think not to pack them in my overnight bag, but since I always carry trimming scissors in my bag for emergencies and since they convert to trimming scissors it just makes sense. Just remember not to take it with your carry-on luggage!

This product takes away that percentage for human error in a simple, but effective manner and makes brow trimming easy and quick.

Rating (out of 5):

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Anonymous said...

Hey, are there any GWPs going on?

Anonymous said...

what's a GWP?

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

"Gift With Purchase".

And no, no GWPs in Canada that I've heard of to report! With the holidays and Boxing Week sales, most stores have been concentrating on that. But let's hope some good ones come up soon!

If anyone has heard of any happening, please let us know!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I just purchased these because these were the only ones they had.. I'm not too sure how to use it...
Which side do you put the comb on? The associates at the store told me to put the comb "away" from the face, but that would made them cut the eyebrow from the inside which would cut them shorter than you want... (can you see what I'm trying to explain? it's kind of hard to say in words...)
I tried it both ways, but still confused...
Would you help me out with this?
Thank you!

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Hi mwf!

I do actually use it with the comb "away" from my face (so the blade is closer to your eyebrows). You're right - it does cut your brows closer than you would expect, but you get used to it.

How I do it is I use the comb to comb "against" the hairs about 1/4 inch away from my face. Then, if any stray hairs are extra long, they'll stick out and those are the ones I trim.

Just an FYI - be careful when you're sliding the comb off and on the scissors - they are super sharp and can easily slice your finger!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your quick response! OK, so you do use them as they say... I'll try that way then! I guess I need some practices :)Thanks again!

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