Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Beauty Surfer: Hello Dollface!

Site Name: Hello Dollface!

The first thing that gets you when you click on Hello Dollface! is the unique look of this blog. The retro glamour shots of some of the most gorgeous women around, this site has a feel all its own. And it looks amazing!

Full of insight, products, and witty commentary, this is definitely a must-read site. I love checking this site out to see what's new, but also to just enjoy the great photos.


Have a beauty blog that you think Cinnamon Kitten readers should know about? Send me an email and let me know - it could be featured in an upcoming Sunday Surfer!


Anonymous said...

The vintage look is so cute!

Linda SS said...

Great link. Photos of R.Witherspoon in Elle are gorgeous. I love her hair style now with the bangs.

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

I know, Reese has definitely come out looking gorgeous in recent times (well, ok, ever since her separation from Ryan) and I, along with most people, agree that her look is definitely amazing!

Anonymous said...

yeah, it's kinda crazy what a big difference bangs made for R.Witherspoon. it made her face look more jagged & her chin seem not as big - it definitely softened her up.

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