Friday, September 07, 2007

Splendicity Contest for September 7, 2007

Cinnamon Kitten is a proud member of an exciting new community that launched Sept. 4., the destination for splendid style is kicking off its launch with a month's worth of contests.

The Splendicity contest for today, September 7th:

To enter to win a one year subscription to GLAMOUR Magazine, and a collection of Skin Milk Bath and Body Products, you must do the following:

*Visit 3 Splendid Member blogs that are listed in our FASHION category, post a comment saying hello. You can also view the Splendicity member list right at the homepage: where our member list is broken down into categories.
*Go back to and report the Splendid Member FASHION blogs that you commented on in today’s Splendicity blog contest post.

All readers that complete the process are entered into the drawing to win today's prize.

This prize will include 5 products from the bath and body line including: SkinMilk Beauty Bar, SkinMilk Soft Shimmer Lotion, SkinMilk Shower Gel, SkinMilk Body Polish, SkinMilk Bath Soak.

Thank you to Glamour Magazine and SkinMilk for sponsoring today's contest. SkinMilk separates science from fiction to bring you the skin benefits of real milk, fortified with essential vitamins A, D, and E. Visit for more information about their nourishing line.

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