Saturday, March 10, 2007

Product Review: Jergens Natural Glow

(As promised, all reviews in March will be for products that cost less than $10 CAD!)

When this product launched a few years ago, Oprah mentioned it on her show and it flew off the shelves so fast that it was impossible to find for months and was selling for upwards of $30 USD on eBay!

Well, now the craze has died down and tons of other brands have put out their own "tanning" moisturizer.

Jergens notes: "...delivers an optimum amount of color to even out and enrich the appearance of your skin. Formulated with a unique blend of non-drying Erythrulose, DHA and essential moisturizers to gradually develop a soft, natural glow, without streaking or orange coloration often experienced with using a self-tanner. Simply moisturize your skin to keep a beautiful and natural glow. It comes in three different shades to complement your unique skin tone."

The idea behind this product is that it's not a "self-tanner" but a moisturizer with a hint of colour. So, with daily use, you gradually "build up" a natural looking tan. The advantages with this gradual buildup is that you don't have to worry about those tell-tale streaks, uneven patches of colour or getting colour onto your clothes, towels, etc.

I've been using Jergens natural glow Daily Moisturizer for Medium Skin Tones for a few summers now, mainly to maintain a nice "tan" look, although I don't bother with it during the winter. The eventual colour is a great match for my Asian skin after it's gotten a little sun.

My main complaint about this product is the smell. There's a very persistent, slightly chemical smell that's fairly strong and quite noticeable. And since this is a "daily-use" product, the smell is constantly on my skin. I also noticed that the smell transfers, so after a week, my bed sheets smell too. The only solution is to not apply this cream every day and only once every 3 days or so to keep the smell from building up.

I do like this product because it's very natural looking and easy to use, although I think maybe this coming summer I'll try another brand, preferably one that's fragrance free.

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Anonymous said...

I've also tried this product a few summers ago.

It was definitely easy to use & didn't streak or leave an unnatural orangy colour on my sking. In did however smell weird.

The downside (as opposed to self-tanning lotions) is that I found that after stopping applications the colour was gone quite quickly.

It does help hide leg & thigh imperfections well though! So perhaps this summer I will also try again.

Anonymous said...

Oil of Olay has a similar product on shelves.

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