Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Product Review: E.L.F. Hypershine Gloss

(As promised, all product reviews in March will be for products that cost less than $10 CAD!)

I was a little cynical when I saw E.L.F. offering these lip glosses for $1 USD, especially at how large (or tiny) the product would actually be. But after I got my hands on one, I definitely think it's not a bad purchase considering the the affordable price tag.

E.L.F. notes: "Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Conditioning shine lasts for hours."

As you can see from the photo I've taken, the lip gloss is pretty much a standard size in comparison to other similar products. Available currently in 10 super-shiny shades, they all have a cotton candy scent.

E.L.F.'s Hypershine Gloss (I bought the Nude shade) is the first "twist-gloss" product I've tried (hence I had no other one to compare it to in a photo) and I found it annoying because it takes about 3-4 twists before any gloss appears (slowly) and when it does, it comes in tiny quantities, so I sometimes have to twist, apply, twist some more, apply again, twist even more, and apply just to get the amount of lip gloss I want. Which can get frustrating, and look a bit silly too. Maybe I just have to get used to twisting more than I think I need to before applying.

The product, when finally applied,
is thick, a tad sticky, delivers a super shine, and does have the promised yummy cotton candy smell (there's no taste).

image:, Cinnamon Kitten productreviewelf

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