Sunday, March 18, 2007

Product Review: Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash

Winter really does a number on my skin. And for the past two weeks my hectic work schedule has really put a cramp in my body moisturizing (ok, I've been lazy).

In an attempt to shave some time off my daily routine and still keep my skin from looking like an alligator's, I bought Dove's Deep Moisture Body Wash (price ranges from $4-$8 CAD depending on where you purchase it).

Dove notes: "Transform your shower into a warm water with the warmth of the shower to infuse your skin with all-day hydrating emollients. It deeply moisturizes dry skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth."

I used this product (along with a mesh sponge) every day for one week and almost instantly noticed a change. My skin was much better moisturized and felt softer and didn't need any extra products to keep it hydrated.

With a light, sweet fragrance that isn't overpowering, this is now a standard in my shower stall and in my daily routine. Goodbye winter blahs! Hello soft, touchable skin!

image: productreviewdove

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is a great product from Dove. I stayed away from their bar soap because I found that a few days after opening it, it would become a gooey mess & dissintigrate on me. With this body wash that situation can be avoided. 2 thumbs up.

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