Wednesday, March 28, 2007

NEW Product: MAC Balloonacy High-Light Powder

Straight on the heels of the Barbie Loves MAC collection, MAC has released another fun, high-impact collection - Balloonacy.

There are lipsticks, eye products, nail lacquer, etc, but the product that caught my eye was the High-Light Powder.

Seems most brands are now coming out with these products that highlight the skin and give you a special "glow", just in time for the warmer months when we'll be shedding our coats to show off our skin.

The MAC powder costs $22 USD and is a limited edition product (so get yours quickly if you want to try it out!)

Product Notes:
- ultra-sheer veil of shine and colour
- ideal for cheeks or any part of the body that needs highlighting
- fun circle embossing on the powder surface

Colour info:
- currently available in 2 shades: Hullaballoo and Mellow Rave.

I'm narrowing my choices for the highlight powders and will probably buy one before the summer hits. My only pet peeve with this one is that it's a limited edition item, which means that if I fall in love with it, I'll have to kiss it goodbye sooner than I may want to. :(


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