Friday, March 16, 2007

NEW Product: Giorgio Armani Movie Lights Compact

This is beauty at its most glamourous!

Giorgio Armani has just introduced its Hollywood 2007 edition Collection and the masterpiece of this collection is the Movie Lights Compact. This sleek black compact holds a sheer shimmering powder in a light pink beige tone that gives your skin a soft, light glow.

But what makes this compact something to really lust for is the 8 LED lights that line the compact's mirror. Press a button on the side of the compact and voila! It's like a travel-size vanity mirror for all of us wannabe movie vixens!

I haven't seen this in stores yet, but the magazine that I first saw this in listed it at $110 CAD, so if you're lusting for this product, be prepared to dig deep into your piggy bank!



Anonymous said...

Whoa, that's quite crazy.

haha. that's not under $10 at all!

if you pay me just $50 i'll deck out your compact with a bunch of LED's. lol. I can't promise it'll look pretty, or be compact.....but think of the savings! =P

Interesting indeed. I've never seen LED's that colour before! I bet most of the cost is in that alone! but even still.......worth $110? I'm not sure. i'd rather get a pair of shoes & put powder on in the dark. =P

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

I'm with you s.k.y.!

This is definitely a "wish list" item and not anything I would ever buy realistically. There are some other products out there with their own light source now, including lipsticks, so I'll dig those up for a future post.

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