Thursday, March 22, 2007

Beauty Impulses

Ever see something in passing and think, "I wouldn't mind having that..." just by looking at the product? If money were no object...

In that spirit, I'm starting the Beauty Impulse list. Every Friday (or as close to Friday as I can manage) I'll throw together 5 beauty items I've seen that I would buy on the spot if I had an unlimited supply of money. No info research, no price tag checking, the product looks captivating enough all by itself.

Who knows, you may see some of the items on these lists in future product reviews.

If you see something on my Impulse list that you've already tried, post a comment and let us know what you thought about it!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bare Escentuals
Tutorials-Lesson 1: Smoky Eye

Smoky Eye Palette

The Stila product definitely caught my eye the last time I was perusing in Sephora. It's a kit that actually has audio instructions. How fab is that?

Unfortunately it was a bit out of my price range.

I also find it difficult to apply eye shadows/liners without looking at a clown.

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