Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Where Did My Money Go?

I popped by Sephora yesterday afternoon with a $100 gift card that I got for Christmas (love my husband!). Thirty minutes later I emerged with 3, count 'em - THREE items. And I had $19 left on the gift card! *sigh* Why must beauty be so expensive sometimes?

Anyhow, here's what I purchased:

After hearing so many rave reviews about this lip gloss and seeing it on everyone's must have lists, I finally broke down and bought my own - Cargo's Lip Gloss Duo in Bora Bora ($22 CAD). Watch for a product review later this week. Now I can add this to my growing collection of lip products.

If you don't know by now - this is my one weakness. Considering I'm not a makeup artist, I have a alarming amount of lip stuff. I did a quick count this morning and there are 20 lipsticks, 7 lip glosses and 3 lip balms on the top of my dresser. This doesn't include the ones I've stashed away in my makeup box for "later use" or the free samples that I've gotten that I've never used and are sitting in a box somewhere in my room.

The rest of my gift card went to tools: Sephora's Eyebrow Trimmer/Brush - one blade is a comb and the other blade is a blade for easy, even trimming ($22 CAD), and a cute travel case from Sephora ($32 CAD) that has separate slots for my brushes (with a protective flap) and a detachable makeup case.

As with all Sephora fans, I could have easily bought a lot more, but I'm still in the "post-Christmas cash crunch" so had to stick to what was on the card for now. Don't they ever have sales at that place? :)

P.S. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!



Anonymous said...

Re: Eyebrow Trimmer

I've seen hair trimmers like that, but eyebrow trimmers? Does that really allow you to trim them more evenly?

Anonymous said...

What's so amazing about that lip-gloss?

What's with lipstick caking up in the corners of my mouth? or it becoming flaky & gross on my lips? I hate this!

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

miumiu - The eyebrow trimmers help keep things even and is especially helpful if you don't want to accidentally trim the hairs that are already short enough.

cliniquegirl - I was cynical about the cargo lipgloss too, but it seemed to pop up in so many "best of lists" and magazine recommendations that I had to give it a try. As you may know i have a lot of lip products, and this cargo product does seem to rise above many others I've tried - it's extremely light and velvety, isn't sticky and has a "barely there" feel on the lips but delivers great colour.

Lipstick tends to cake in the corners for a variety of reasons - dry lips, the product formula is too cakey, the product is interacting with other products on your face (ie. foundation). To keep this to a minimum, ensure that your lips stay healthy and hydrated (don't forget the SPF!) and put less product near the corners of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

you are so evil!

after trying the Cargo lip balm stuff I want it so bad!

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