Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Product Review: Jaqua Mint Chocolate Hand Creme

I love living in Canada, but there's no denying that winter in Canada is harsh. And my skin definitely pays the price for all those days in the bitter cold and wind.

So I'm always on the search for hand creams, body lotions, face moisturizers, body butters and any other product that promises soft, hydrated skin. However, I also want one that's quick-absorbing (nothing ickier than greasy hands), doesn't wash off an hour later and actually makes a difference to my skin.

Last Christmas I received a couple of products from a brand I had never heard of - Jaqua. One of the items was the Mint Chocolate Hand Creme ($8 USD for 2 oz). And now I'm officially addicted.

Jaqua notes: "This rich and thick hand Creme is filled with good-for-your skin ingredients such as meadowfoam seed oil, extracts of peppermint, cocoa, myrrh and rose hip, as well as vitamins A and E."

This fulfills everything I look for in a hand lotion - it's thick, absorbs very quickly, doesn't wash off 10 minutes later and my hands do feel instantly better after application. What Jaqua's brief product description doesn't mention is how heavenly this smells! It smells exactly mint chocolate chip ice cream and the smell lingers lightly for quite a long time. When you first put the lotion on the smell is quite obvious for about 10 minutes, but then fades into a very subtle scent that I can still smell after 2 hours.

Jaqua puts out a range of other yummy-smelling products that smell exactly like their food-counterparts (Mint Chocolate, Buttercream Frosting, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit Cocktail, to name a few). After I finish with Mint Chocolate, it may be time for some Pina Colada! :)

image: jaquabeauty.com productreviewjaqua

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