Saturday, February 24, 2007

March Madness

Last night I was deciding which products to review in the next few weeks and decided that it was time to shine the spotlight on the more affordable products out there. Most of us, including me, rely mainly on these "cheap" goods in between the bigger splurges and many of them are just as good as their more expensive counterparts.

So for the entire month of March, all the products reviewed will cost less than $10 CAD. If you know of any products under 10 bucks that you'd like to review or would like me to review, post a comment or send me an email!


Anonymous said...

Walmart has great deals on common products found in stores like Shoppers Drug Mart! I find Walmart's prices cheaper than sale prices at other places, so check it out if it's close to you!

Anonymous said...

Next time you're travelling, also don't forget to check out the Duty Free shops! They sell many department store beauty lines and carry lots of fragrances.

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