Sunday, January 28, 2007

Product Review: Sephora Whipped Body Delight

Last year I received a Sephora gift card for my birthday - whoo-hoo! I was like a kid in a very expensive candy store.

One of the items I bought was Sephora's Whipped Body Delight cream ($12 CAD/$8 USD for 2.25 oz). With yummy flavours such as Coffee & Cream, Coconut Nectar, Lemon Drop, Mango and Vanilla Frosting, I stood there for about 15 minutes, inhaling the amazingly realistic aromas and torn between them all.

I finally settled on Pink Grapefruit and after trying it once, I was hooked. This moisturizer is rich, non-greasy and smells HEAVENLY.

One of my biggest pet peeves about moisturizers is that many of them aren't rich enough to help sooth my super-dry, winter-ravaged skin (I do live in Canada, after all) and when I do find a cream that's rich enough, it doesn't absorb into my skin and just leaves a greasy film (especially annoying in hand creams). However, the Whipped Body Delight is both rich and easily absorbed - a wonderful combination.

If you don't mind walking around smelling like a grapefruit (or a mango, or a coconut) than you'll definitely like this moisturizer. And who doesn't like to smell a little delicious sometimes? I highly recommend the Pink Grapefruit - the sweet, citrusy smell instantly brightens up the dreariest day.

Have you tried Sephora's Whipped Body Delight? Leave a comment & let us know what you thought!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome blog!

I love the idea. I definitely agree that girlfriends are the best source for sharing/learning beauty secrets.

Is the Sephora whipped body cream similar to the Body Shop Body Butter, but less heavy & greasy?

I've tried the coconut version of the body shop product & it is WAY too coconutty & also I found it a bit too greasy for my liking.

Things i'd love to see in the future:
1) Rating the products (like out of 10 or something)
2) I absolutely love the labels you've added for easy browsing of products, but maybe to add labels according to rating? like the "BEST" products, etc.
3) A blog entry on your top 10 picks of all time (at the moment)

~Coffee-bean Addict~

Anonymous said...

Thanks ~Coffee-bean Addict~!
Glad you like the blog!

I've also tried the Body Shop Body Butter so can easily make a comparison for you - the Sephora Whipped Body Delight is much lighter, less greasy and absorbs much better.

I still use the Body Shop product during the summer as it leaves a nice "shine" to legs, but in the winter, I'd prefer the Sephora cream.

For the penny-pinchers (of which I'm one!), the Sephora cream is more expensive.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found this blog.

I am in love with Sephora whipped body delights too. I love the Marshmallow fluff...

My problem is that I can't find it anywhere!!! Sephora customer service has been vague at best in confirming that the line is discontinued.

If so many of us love it, why did they discontinue the line!?

The new lotions in the sephora line don't smell anywhere near as good.

Personally, I'm a little sad!

Anonymous said...

Also look at "Get Creamed Body" whipped body cream. it is thick and silky without being heavy or greasy. its simply divine! google it!

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