Monday, January 01, 2007

Advertising on Cinnamon Kitten

Advertising on Cinnamon Kitten is a cost-effective way to reach hundreds of beauty-product lovers!

There are currently 3 available ad spaces, 2 in the left-hand sidebar and 1 on the right-hand sidebar. All 3 spaces are at the top of the page to maximize your exposure.

Rates (in USD):
Ads run Sunday through end of Saturday
1 week: $15 USD
2 weeks: $28 USD
4 weeks: $54 USD

If you purchase 2 or more weeks of advertising, they will run back to back.

To book ad space, please send an email to: and include the following information:

- Your name/company name
- Attach your 100 pixels high x 150 pixels wide ad image. We currently only accept JPEG images (no animated ads, please!)
- the URL or website that you want your ad to link to
- Specify which Sunday you want your ad to start
- Specify the number of weeks you wish to advertise for
- Send Paypal payment to Payment in full must be completed before your ad will be run.

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