Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Product Review: The Body Shop Skin Primer Moisturize It

Reviewer: Suziesaurus

Brand: The Body Shop
Name: Skin Primer Moisturize It
Size: 25 ml / 0.84 fl. oz.
Price: $14 CAD

From their website: “Best if you want to create a perfect canvas for building a natural make-up look with a skin caring primer that creates a smooth and invisible layer to prepare the skin before the application of foundation, and helps make-up stay in place for longer.

Best for: normal, dry and sensitive skin types

How it works:
- Provides a moisturizing base that leaves skin feeling silky smooth.
- Vitamin E complex and Community Trade aloe vera to help soothe the skin.
- Community Trade beeswax to help protect the skin.”

To Purr About:
- moisturizing
- has a tiny bit of a shimmer in it
- very light feeling (not heavy)
- absorbs quickly into the skin
- improved the look of skin slightly
- did not irritate my super sensitive skin
- tube packaging means no wasted product

Claws Out:
- doesn’t hide pores and skin imperfections super well
- cannot be used alone to improve the look of skin.

Final Comments:
I’ve used a couple of skin primers in the past, so I had a few expectations.

I like that this skin primer has some ingredients such as vitamin E complex, aloe vera and beesewax in it to help protect and soothe the skin. I don’t think many other primers have health boosting ingredients in them, but maybe this is the new trend.

This primer is definitely less heavy than other primers I’ve tried which is a plus. It’s so light and absorbs so quickly into the skin it’s easy to forget you have it on which is nice.

The major downside to The Body Shop’s skin primer is that it does not hide pores and imperfections as well as other primers I’ve tried. I would prefer a primer that even on its own improves the look of my skin. To me this is pretty important as this is technically the main purpose of this product.

I think with a few tweaks The Body Shop definitely could have a winner on it’s hands.

Rating (out of 5):

Disclosure: This product was purchased Suziesaurus
image: thebodyshop.ca


Anonymous said...

I've never used primers before and I need to experiment with them as I want to use one for my wedding makeup in September. Now I'll know to avoid this one! Thanks Susziesaurus x

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

A - I've tried a whole bunch of face primers, so if you want to have a chat about them, email me!

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