Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cinnamon Kitten Contest: EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone cosmetic bags

Although Earth Day is officially on April 22, that doesn't mean we can't celebrate being eco-friendly year-round.

There are many companies who are doing their part to keep our world beautiful (and not just by selling cosmetics!) so to keep you in the "Earth Day" mood, Cinnamon Kitten is giving away a couple of fun cosmetic bags from EcoTools!

I'm a big fan of EcoTools and use several of their brushes in my daily routine. The EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone line features pretty, eco-friendly makeup bags in several sizes - you're bound to find something that fits your needs.

There are TWO ways to win, so enter twice to double your chances!


Prize: EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set and Bag

Prize Details:
A double compartment cosmetic bag with room for both your brushes and makeup essentials! Alicia chooses these brushes for a fresh complexion, rosy glow, and clean, natural look. There are also tips inside to achieve Alicia's natural look. EcoTools brushes feature bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules and incredibly soft, cruelty-free taklon bristles. The bag is made with natural hemp and cotton, has a recycled PET lining, and the hangtag is printed on tree-free stone paper. Brush set includes:
- Blush Brush
- Mini Foundation Brush
- Mini Powder Brush
- Detailed Eye Shading Brush
- Spoolie Brush

To enter:
- Leave a comment on this blog post sharing your favourite eco-friendly tip (doesn't have to be beauty related). Don't forget to leave an email where I can reach you if you win!


Prize: EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Cosmetic Bag

Prize Details:
Small enough for on-the-go and deep enough to hold all of your essentials! Alicia loves this bag because it's the perfect size for all of her beauty must-haves. The bag is made with natural hemp and cotton, has a recycled PET lining, and the hangtag is printed on tree-free stone paper.

To enter:
- "Like" the Cinnamon Kitten Facebook page and answer my wall post that asks what brand of cosmetic case you currently use. If you win, I'll send you a message through Facebook!

Notes (applies to both contests):
- The contest is open to Canadian & US residents only.
- Contest ends Monday, May 16, 2011
- Winner will be contacted via e-mail (or Facebook PM) and announced shortly after.


Canadian Daily said...

Hey I would like to enter this giveaway!

My eco-friendly tip: Bring your own re-usable grocery bags when you shop, it saves on plastic and also saves you money.

Canadian Daily said...

I "liked" your Facebook page, but I am not seeing where you posted the question on there.

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

No worries Justine - the post is there, but feel free to name your current cosmetic bag brand anywhere on the Cinnamon Kitten page! :) Good luck!

AmbreRose said...

Use household items to clean like rags vs. paper towels, vinegar vs. windex for your windows, homemade soap vs. store bought. All those little things make a difference. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

Anonymous said...

Great giveaway shame I can't enter. But I've just retweeted it for you! :D

Jessica said...

my eco friendly tip is to change all the windows so heat can be better conserved
jessicatang90 at gmail dot com

meredith said...

I put my face toner in a spray bottle and mist it on my face rather than use a cotton pad.

Utku said...

My ecofriendly tip is use second hand baby items,furnitures.

Miss Yum Yum said...

I hang my clothes on the laundry line whenever the weather is nice and I wash all my clothes in cold water.

Jen P said...

My eco tip: instead of throwing away worn or outgrown clothing, repurpose them as rags or cleaning tools. my favorite would be to cut the elastic portion off of a sport tube sock, and use it as a dish scrubber istead of an SOS pad. Then, use the footed portion as a dust mitt!
penguinjo99 at gmail dot com

nrobak said...

I turn the water off when I am brushing my teeth to help conserve water

Glogirl said...

My eco-friendly tip is to use a mixture of vinegar and water as a glass cleaner. It works great, is cheap and environmentally friendly.

(e-mail is in profile)

gibberish said...

My eco friendly tip is to carpool.
jlgibbings (at) hotmail (dot) com

Lindsay Conley said...

Eco Friendly Tip: Don't idle your car longer than 20 seconds! ;P

Anonymous said...

Eco-friendly tip: Shopping at farmer's markets! This means buying food that are locally grown and did not require travelling long distances to get here! :)

e.andreatorishaye at


spynaert said...

my wife can't afford a cosmetic case, plus she's allergic to cosmetics

Suziesaurus said...

Great contest - i absolutely love ecotools! great quality brushes and great price and great for the environment!

Alexandra said...

I have heard many good things about Ecotools and would love to try them!

My ecofriendly tip: bring your water bottle everywhere you go. Reduce, reuse, recycle :)

Halifax @ Sparkled Beauty said...

I love the new trend with makeup brushes having bamboo handles and synthetic bristles, green and cruelty free

Erin said...

My Tip: Try to eat a vegetarian meal at least once a week!

Anonymous said...

my eco friendly tip is install dimmer switches in all your rooms to save energy

Unknown said...

Have dinner at least once a week with your family not living at home. It save electricity, water and such and is the BEST way to spend time with ones you love.

jenn erin said...

I'm a uni student and therefore I drink a GALLON of coffee per semester, so my eco-friendly tip for all those coffee drinkers like me is to use Tumblers & Travel Mugs!

Bringing your own Tumblers or Travel Mugs can save a lot of paper cups that end up in the landfill! And plus, most places give you a discount when you bring in your own because it also saves them the paper cups.


sewa mobil said...

Nice article, thanks for the information.

Barbara said...

you don't have to flush every time you pee----it saves a lot of water--really

Elena said...

Hey Cinnamon Kitten! I think it's wonderful that you're giving 2 of these kits away for free! I was actually looking to buy one, and found your contest!

My eco-friendly tips that I practice are:

Ride a bicycle or walk/run all year round even in the worst of the weather(I do!) and don't drive at all!!! Also, don't EVER litter PLEASE!
Grow your own vegetables/herbs and fruits.
Live in the dark with candles(again organic ones are best) for lighting instead of electric lighting. Thats what I do, and actually my eyesight has gotten better since doing so.

Collect rainwater to save on water.
Wash your own laundry by hand in cold water.
Use cloth bags for shopping of course.
Don't take a shower longer than 10 minutes long. Re use old clothing, bedding sheets, and other materials for cleaning/dusting/oil rags.
As for cosmetic eco tips:

Buy and use makeup with all organic/natural ingredients only, including products like shampoos, conditioners, body washes, creams, toothpastes.mouthwash, organic/natutral perfumes, deoderants...DON'T smoke!....DO plant trees and flowers!
Take up an eco-friendly hobby on your days off, such as bee-keeping or gardening. Volunteering for these places is great too!
Of course lets not forget to always recycle and use a composter!

*Cinnamon kitten, if you have another one of these kits or get your hands on another one of these kits, could I please buy it from you? I can't find them in Toronto, and can't find them online either, I have even checked Ebay!. I can send a payment for one through a paypal Invioce if it helps at all.:P
Have a great night!
All the best,

Anonymous said...

My eco-friendly tip: Avoid buying glass jar candles, unless you actually recycle the glass. Otherwise,invest in a oils warmer from Bath and Body Work, they work wonders and will make you home smell divine.

Elizabeth said...

We use canvas shopping bags whenever possible.

beauty ∞ infinitum said...

I only have two ecoTools brushes, but I love them!

My eco-friendly tips are:
-buy a reusable water bottle instead of buying disposable bottles (saves a lot of money, too!)
-use reusable shopping bags (keep them by the front door or in your car so you remember them!)
-turn the tap off when brushing your teeth
-buy sturdy, synthetic-hair brushes (like ecotools!) and clean them regularly, instead of throwing out sponge applicators, etc. Brushes can last forever and that way you'll save money too.
-take the bus or walk instead of driving!
-go to yard sales, secondhand stores, farmer's markets, etc. You can find some great things and sometimes a lot cheaper than regular stores

email: fleurdoll [at] gmail [dot] com

Mandy said...

I would like to enter this giveaway! My eco-friendly tip is to use rags instead of papertowels and reusable water bottles instead of plastic.

Anonymous said...

My tip is using reusable bags when you shop.

navi2025 (at) gmail dot com

Unknown said...

My eco-friendly tip is while at work I throw all of my trash in the large dumpster, so that way I will not need the trash bags for my personal trash can to be changed.

Juan Wilcher said...

Don't put batteries in the trash. They contain traces of mercury and other toxic things. Look online to find a battery recycling organization near you.

Juan Wilcher said...

Oops! My email is makeaneffort at yahoo dot com.

ascopes80 said...

I love ecotools! My eco friendly tip is always brings bags when you go shopping.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Turn off the water stream whenever you're not actively rinsing. (extemter at hotmail dot com)

huan ren said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yivlily said...

my eco friendly tips! :)

I try to support genuinely ecologically and environmentally responsible businesses, such as Carpeting by Interface, or buying local produce, free-range chicken eggs. also I hope to be able to inspire people around me to live an ecologically sustainable lifestyle.

Mary-Frances said...

Eco tip, less plastic!

Hydrogurl said...

I swear by vinegar and water for all my surface cleaning! Stay away from those chemicals in plastic bottles that fill up the landfills and use a refillable spray bottle! said...

My eco-friendly tip is to buy vintage and used when you can. Used books are awesome, and most of my furniture are cast aways from friends. Vintage clothing often costs less than new and you can find the most original stuff!

Alli Winston said...

This looks like such a great giveaway!!! I would love a chance to win!!
As far as Eco-friendly tips - I do my best to recycle as much as possible, use cloth bags when shopping, make my own brush cleaner, use rags when cleaning, and buy organic when possible! Bottom line - do the best you can!
Thanks for this opportunity!
alliwinston0816 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

My eco tip would be to use natural cleaning ingredients like vinegar, lemon, or baking soda. they are all effective, cheap and eco friendly

pellah69 at hotmail dot com

Silvia K said...

Hi I would like to enter the give away! :)

Eco-friendly tip: Bring your own travel mug when you order coffee at your fav. coffee shop! I always take mine into starbucks :)

Suzie B said...

My eco-tip is for cleaning - baking soda and water can be used to remove stubborn coffee/tea stains from white mugs. Make a thick paste with the two, let sit for about 10 minutes and gently scrub with a scrub pad/tooth brush!
sbabij2 at shaw dot ca

Anonymous said...

I always carry a reusable bag with me when I go shopping and of course, recycle, recycle, recycle!

bobcat2431 (at) gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

My eco tips are simple things to do around the house:
- turn off the lights if you're not in the room
- lower the heat a little - wear a sweater!
- try using fans instead of always having the air conditioning on
- change all the lightbulbs to energy-efficient ones

thanks for the giveaway!

myk said...

I'm unable to post on your facebook page so I'll do it here. My current cosmetic bag is by Sonia Kashuk.

My eco-friendly tip is: use olive oil as make-up remover. It's also really good for your skin!

myk said...

One more tip: use reusable items instead of disposables.

Happiness For Rent said...

Thanks for the tips, mine is you should think before you throw anything away. Recycle what ever you can. :) Green Living

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