Friday, September 03, 2010

NEW Product Line: Lise Watier Bleu Bold

(From the press release) "For the Fall 2010 collection, Lise Watier was inspired by the purest and most celestial of colours: blue in all of its permutations, blue in all of its splendour.

Denim blue, slate blue, cobalt blue… every shade has been called forth to create a clean, joyful, bold look. Recalling the brash 80s but pared-down for this new decade, the BLEU BOLD palette lends itself to every whim and mood."

I LOVE blue - it's my favourite colour, so I was excited to check out this new collection.

Palette Bleu Bold Eyeshadows
, $38 CAD
The season's palette revolves around the collection's "star" colour, blue. 5 pressed shadows with rich pigments: denim blue, slate blue, charcoal, ecru white and dark brown, encased in an elegant snakeskin-patterned compact. A combination of neutral yet intense shades, enhanced by an ultra-soft texture and superbly smooth finish. Available from August to October, 2010.

Bleu Bold Smokey Kohl Liner, $18.00 CAD
Timelessly stylish, the smoky eye has a new trick up its sleeve: the Smokey Kohl Liner. With its practical pencil format and creamy texture (easy to blend with a fingertip!), even inexperienced users will be able to achieve the perfect smoky eye. Formulated with a specialty wax (which procures a rich, opaque finish with the very first application), light oils and vivid pigments, the Smokey Kohl Liner glides on softly for a full, deep line. Long lasting and comfortable, it offers an intense matte finish, without smudging or dripping. Available from August to October, 2010.
- Black: deep black
- Blue: cobalt blue

Divine Lash & Line Duo, $20.00 CAD
Back by popular demand, Divine Lash & Line Duo returns this fall… and it’s here to stay! Doing double-duty as both mascara and eyeliner, its innovative applicator features an eyeliner brush for a precise liner application and ridges on the stem, like a mascara, to delicately coat the lashes with sparkling glitter. Now available in 3 twinkling shades, in perfect harmony with the season’s
- Bleu
- Prune
- Champagne

Hydra Shine Lip Stain, $20.00 CAD
A product inspired by the colourfast qualities of markers, the ultimate in long-wear lip colour: a lip stain that colours the lips with precision, making a lasting impression on your mouth. Less than 3 months after its launch, Hydra Shine Lip Stain has successfully made its mark on the Canadian market. To complement its fall collection, Lise Watier unveils 4 new stylish shades. Penetrates so quickly, so smoothly into the lips that it’s virtually imperceptible to the touch. Lips
are light as a feather, as if they were bare.
- Nude (limited edition)
- Corail (limited edition)
- Baie
- Rose Orchidee

images: press release


Erica said...

did you try the blue palette? do u think its worth the 40 bucks

~Cinnamon Kitten~ said...

Erica - It's not bad. The shadows are very fine and leave a very nice colour with the lightest sweep. If you use all 5 colours in the palette, then it's probably worth the $40. I was able to create a really nice smoky eye using 4 of the 5. If you're not going to use all the shades, then I recommend saving your money for another palette or individual shadows.

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