Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NEW Product: NARS Beautiful Life & Only You Palettes

Brand: NARS
Name: Beautiful Life & Only You Palettes

This fall, NARS is introducing 2 new palettes packaged in a compact in a NARS-logo zippered case.

Both palettes include 2signature NARS cheek products chosen to complement the lips or eyes - whether deep and sultry, or light and fresh. Complete with a range of shades to be worn together or alone, the glamorous combinations are limitless.

Beautiful Life Lip and Cheek Palette
, $55 USD
Row of 4 lip colours:
- Sexual Healing: sheer, shimmering pink blossom
- Honolulu Honey: satin, flesh-toned beige
- Roman Holiday: sheer, delicate pastel pink
- Funny Face: semi-matte fuchsia
Row of 2 Multiples:
- Copacabana: glistening pearl
- Orgasm: peachy pink with shimmer

Only You Eye and Cheek Palette, $65 USD
Row of 4 eyeshadows:
- Alhambra Duo: left side: metallic rose mist
- Mekong Single: espresso fused with gold
- Eurydice Duo: left side: electric aubergine
- Pandora Duo: right side: matte black
Row of 2 Blushes:
- Hungry Heart Duo: iridescent gold ivory
- Orgasm: peachy pink with shimmer

image: press release


Sophia said...

Thanks for sharing this! I'm getting really excited for fall makeup trends like copper eyeliner and peach lipstick!

Joanne Olivieri said...

This sounds wonderful and I like that it's in a zippered case. Easier to use.

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