Wednesday, November 18, 2009

back from vacation with some changes...

Back from vacation and ready to get this blog going again. While I was away, I did spend some time thinking about how to make this blog even more useful for you, my readers.

In the past, I've generally kept my posts to about one per day (at the most) and the only time I did multiple posts were if I had already posted something earlier in the day and a Bonus Gift offer was announced.

I've had many readers comment or email me about including even more product announcements and deal-alerts, so I've been trying to come up with a way to include those as well.

So, basically, it means that there will be many more posts coming out, which may mean several a day. I will generally only post online-deals or deals to places that are available in many locations, because I just wouldn't be able to access or include everything for everyone. I'll also post more new product release news as it becomes available to me.

What does this mean? More (hopefully useful) information for you! But it also means there could be multiple posts on some days, so in other words - be sure to check it all out! I'll try to keep most posts organized in some sort of template (kind of how the product reviews and new product alerts are already done) so that you can easily skim for the info you want/need.

All in all, I hope this means a more informative and useful blog for all my readers.

Also, if there are any online deals that you hear of, email me at so I can include them!

1 comment:

purpleflower said...

Great! Thanks Cinnamon Kitten for always thinking of us and making your blog better! Keep it up! =)

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