Monday, September 14, 2009

Spring Giveaway Update

Hi gang,

Sorry, I know this is super overdue! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, including an increased "regular job" workload, an illness and 2 deaths in my family, my huge Spring Giveaway was put on the side burner while my blog ran on autopilot (thanks to some helpful volunteers).

I'm hoping to be back in full swing by next week and will have an update soon. Some of the winners were already notified and have received their prizes, I just have been remiss about making the announcements. I do still have a few more prizes to give away so you may still be a winner!

All winners will be notified by the end of this weekend.

Again, my sincerest apologies, but sometimes life just gets in the way and the best of intentions go unfulfilled.

Talk soon!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Sorry to hear :(

Thanks for having this great blog. Lots of great reviews :)

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